Forum Announcement: The Rules
Thank you for taking the time to read through the MicroWiki Forum Rules.

The Rules

1. Be civil and serious (except in non-serious sections). By this we don't mean that you should act like a pretentious pseudo-academic (viz. Robert Lethler or Illuminarch), but that (a) you should be friendly and kind to people, always assuming good faith and (b) you should express yourself in language that is neither emotionally charged nor in any other way inappropriate in interpersonal communication.

2. Don't swear. Swearing is never necessary for anything. I personally have no problem with it, but others may, and it just doesn't look very professional nor make your standpoint any more convincing. On the contrary, it usually makes you look ridiculous. If you want to say "fascism is sh*t", just explain it in neutral language and affirm that it isn't fact, but opinion: - "I find fascism to be oppressive and inefficient as a system of governance". Mission accomplished.

I would hope that it should in most cases be clear what language is unacceptable for people claiming to be heads of state to use in an online forum accessible to young children, but just in case there is any confusion, this list should help. Please be warned that it does, of course, feature language that many may find offensive.

3. Use sarcasm sparingly. There are two problems with sarcasm: Firstly, it is often not understood, and secondly, it may come across as rude and demeaning. If someone is participating in a discussion and showing that they are absolutely incompetent about the topic at hand then, yes, sarcasm is appropriate. But if you are discussing metaphysics and someone happens to not have read "The World as Will and Representation" by Schopenhauer, that isn't a grounds to be snarky and derogatory towards them.

4. Avoid jargon when sensible and possible. Of course, in a discussion on politics you can assume that people know and understand terms like "first past the post", "autocracy" and "gerrymandering", or are at least capable of googling them. But especially ambiguous jargon terms like "proletariat", "parasite" etc are ideologically charged and very unobjective and ambiguous. They are therefore not to be used. Either you can explain economics and politics without resorting to Marxist or Neoliberal lingo, or you can't, in which case you shouldn't be talking about it in the first place.

5. Unless arguing logic, don't argue logic. Or, more accurately: Unless you are discussing the philosophy of logic, don't talk about logic. Discuss content rather than logical validity of arguments, because that will sidetrack a thread and annoy the hell out of everyone. Of course, if the argument is ludicrous and you cannot refute it with content simply because of its irrelevance, you have no alternative. But if you do, use it.

6. Be constructive. By that we mean constructive criticism rather than derogation, yes, but also another thing: No short posts like "This." or "What he said." If you agree with something, give a reputation point, or add something further to back up the respective point of view.

7. Do not attack the server. I know it seems silly to mention it separately, but I want to be very clear about this: This server is not your playground. If you are found to DDoS this website or any other websites on this server, you will be permanently banned without any prior warning.

8. Do not create more than one account per person. Even if not used for sockpuppeting, it's unnecessary and confusing.

9. LISTEN TO STAFF AT ALL TIMES. Even if it's not in the rules, just go along with it. The Forum is not a democracy. Being here is a privilege, not a right, which you have by virtue of the webmaster spending his own time and money on keeping the wiki and forums online. If a decision is made that you disagree with, please PM the member(s) of staff who made the decision and any other relevant members of staff before you raise it in the Helpdesk.