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  News from Sezentrania(Danatia)
Posted by: Sezentrania8 - 9 Dec 2017, 04:01:04 - Forum: Media - No Replies

OK, This is where all the posts about Sezentrania(now Danatia) will go on


The Provisional Government has decided on changing the country's name from Sezentrania to Danatia. The official name will now be the Republic of Danatia. With this, we are currently interested in finding new territories to annex. We currently have foreign relations with 5 relations including UPO and Andany

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  MN Discord Summit
Posted by: Branden Sharp - 9 Dec 2017, 04:00:59 - Forum: Diplomacy - No Replies

I have been a lurker on both this forum and various discord micronational communities, one theme has remained much the same throughout my time here & there. INACTIVITY & DISINTEREST

To this effect I am organizing a micronational “summit” of sorts for us to discuss these issues plaguing our growth & development. This event is open to the following;
Micronational Discord Owners & Co-Owners
If you do not own a discord server and would still like to observe our process & our outcomes please feel free to ask for the @Observer role.

When: Currently Planned for December 16, 2017 @3.00PM
(If this time is not viable, reschedule is available. Stay up to date via discord link below)

Where: On absolutely neutral ground, a discord created simply for this event to be deleted afterwords: https://discord.gg/7MDDHDA

How Long: Hopefully around an hour, give or take of course.

Who will be there:
Micronation Lounge (Presumably)
Emineican (Presumably)
*Each Organization will have two slots for delegates, [owner & co-owner]

Host: Bedim#1589 (AKA; Branden Sharp)

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  Reestablishing the fallen Kingdom into a new one
Posted by: Kingdom of Jerusalem - 8 Dec 2017, 12:44:14 - Forum: Member Announcements - Replies (5)

Greetings everyone, 
Today is a very important day, Today, 8.12.2017 I announce to everyone that the fallen Kingdom of BlackLand is now reestablishing into the Kingdom of Jerusalem, A crusader worldwide kingdom which means it will operate in the whole world. 
The kingdom will start its existence officially on the 1st of January 2018, for now any diplomatic offers from other REAL nations are open (We will ignore virtual micronation and with no land).  
For now those are the only news I can annouce, for more info you can search "Kingdom of Blackland" in Google.
Wait for more news in the future.
If you have any question please leave them here or PM me.

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  Want to own a share of a French Castle?
Posted by: ThegnSiarFordell - 8 Dec 2017, 05:21:38 - Forum: Land - Replies (6)

I just read about a French Castle that is in the process of being purchased and restored via crowdfunding. This is a cool concept, and while I doubt you would be able to move there and use it as a base for your micronation, from what I read, each owner receives a membership ID and can vote and influence what is done with the castle, how it is used, restored, etc. So if nothing else, it is an opportunity for a micronation to get involved with a real project and have at least a partial stake in a legitimate landed estate, and yes, even a castle.

I first read about it here: 7,500 people just banded together to buy a castle in France — and it's not too late to join them

And got more information from the crowdfunding site here: Participez au rachat du plus romantique des châteaux : La Mothe-Chandeniers dans la Vienne.

The second site is in French, so either ask King Shamus to translate (He's Canadian... They're required to speak French) or use the very poor translation tool on the website.

Like I said, this is a neat concept, but requires a bit more research. I am not opposed to the idea of investing 60 Euros or so to buy a share of a historic fortress and have a say in how it is managed from here on out... especially given the feudal and militaristic nature of Siar Fordell, but for me it comes down to the history of the site, and what influence I might have, or how I could vote on its use. I will want to actually be involved... even if it is not much more than a vanity investment.

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  Looking to join a micronation
Posted by: svaber - 6 Dec 2017, 11:29:00 - Forum: Diplomacy - Replies (6)

Greetings! I'm looking to join a micronation. The main thing I'm looking for in the micronation is the ability for citizens to participate in government.

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  Micronation mockumentary idea
Posted by: adamjudge - 6 Dec 2017, 02:04:42 - Forum: Media - Replies (4)

So lately I've been watching a lot of The Office (US version) and I've also just started on Parks and Recreation. I really like the comedic mockumentary style and how it gives a lighthearted and funny take on office work. Anyway, the fact that Parks and Rec centers around (local) government gave me an idea: I think it would be really cool and funny if there were a show a lot like The Office and Parks and Rec but which follows the trials and tribulations of the slightly sub-competent government members of a fictional micronation. Not that I think this would actually get made, but I like this idea and wanted to share it to see if anyone else had any input. I just had this idea earlier today, so I don't have too many details, but if you're interested I'll update if I think of anything more concrete, like background, character information, and episode plot ideas.

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  Kingdom of Somnia
Posted by: adamjudge - 5 Dec 2017, 03:31:31 - Forum: Introductions - Replies (4)

Greetings, everyone!

A few days ago I created the Kingdom of Somnia on a whim. I like to think of it as a classic "bedroom kingdom" micronation; it's not too serious, kind of just for fun, and based on the Talossan ideology of "a man's room is his kingdom." Rather than being a full-blown secessionist project, Somnia is more like an advanced version of a childhood fantasy, except with fun extra things added like scrupulous written law and the capacity to levy taxes.

The location of this kingdom being my bedroom hopefully makes the name Somnia pretty self-evident. In fact, rather than this nation's culture being based on those of other nations, Somnia's is derived from the "culture" of my bedroom: the Royal Library (consisting of my two glorious bookcases) is a big deal, the musical consumption mainly consists of my small collection of records and cassettes, and the national sport is napping.

Although this micronation is new, I myself have had micronationalism as a hobby going back a few years. Some of you might remember me as the emperor of the now defunct "Soviet Socialist" Empire of Helveticana. My other major project, well before Helveticana, was the Republic of Alamantia, which was done with a group of friends back in 2014 and actually garnered decent popularity within my school. The difference between them and Somnia, however, is that they were much more serious endeavors, with complex systems of government that needed lots of people. The problem is that I've never managed to stay continuously active for very long, so I'd often go several months, or in this case more than a year, without doing anything, which makes a complex system of government with lots of people to worry about quite impractical. Therefore, Somnia's government was created to be very simple (in fact, the charter that establishes the basis of government is literally two pages), so that next time I go inactive (and as a heads up, it will happen sooner or later), it will be easy to leave it on the back-burner and then simply start doing things again months later.

So, while this is mainly an internal project, I figured it would still be fun to reach out into the micronational community. I'm glad to be back once more!

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  Constitution Help
Posted by: Sezentrania8 - 4 Dec 2017, 10:52:14 - Forum: General discussion - Replies (6)

How many words should a micronational constitution be? How many Articles should it have? I have so many questions about this because this is my first actual micronation.

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  A Message to the Skype Community
Posted by: Edward Daniels - 4 Dec 2017, 10:15:11 - Forum: Member Announcements - No Replies

So, unfortunately while updating Skype, It seems that I have lost all my contacts and basically my entire account. I tried fixing the issue but nothing worked. Basically, I have no Skype at the moment. I hope to get a new account and will need to add my contacts back. Just in case anyone was wondering, I'm still active, I just don't have Skype.

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  Ethnic Micronationalism
Posted by: Suzuki/Violette - 4 Dec 2017, 03:48:43 - Forum: General discussion - Replies (2)

Micronational culture is often built upon the backs of culture elsewhere, and many of our entities have incorporated various cultural aspects of the peoples we view as worthy of admiration. Nearly every micronation in this community, and likely every community, has used a symbol, tradition or way of life from another, much older, culture. Some micronations incorporate many influences, such as my Lego micronation, Sunþrawegaz. Others use culture from a finite source, such as the Siar Fordell, which is almost entirely influenced by Celtic cultural traditions (that I know of as least; John will probably comment on this thread to argue otherwise, which is alright).

But what about micronations that promote not just the culture of a group of people, but their entire ethnicity. A micronation based upon the race of an individual as it relates to their potential citizenship, rather than their devotion to adopting the culture(s) in question.

While this may sound like some sort of micronationalist Aryan's dream, it actually came to me while I was dwelling over the idea of how to go about creating a Uralic people's nation. Most of the 19 Uralic tribes reside in Russia, and the likelihood of getting them to form independent states is more unlikely than a micronation becoming a macronation (which I don't believe is impossible, just down right difficult). My thought was that, instead of preaching nationalism where the people are now, give them a place to relocate to, an all Uralic nation free from the confines of oppressive regimes.

Ethnic micronationalism, in my definition, is the promotion of creating a nation for a sole group of people who are related by kinship (or, in a more scientific manner, since this is the 21st century, DNA). The difference between this idea and straight up ethnic nationalism is the desire to create a new home for said group of people, rather than try to create that new nation where the people already are.

This idea seems right for the cause I wish be a part of. But it also seems wrong from that hippie-commie part of my conscious. The main reason I came up with this idea is because if the little activist movement I'm a part of actually motivates the Uralic peoples to lobby for independence, a nation like Russia is going to kill thousands of them and destroy their homes. This is a way around this problem.

What are ya'll thoughts on my thoughts, and of ethnic micronationalism as a whole (expanded, like Germanic ethnic micronationalism, or African ethnic micronationalism)? I'd really like to hear some other voices on this matter.

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