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  Trumar is looking for citizens
Posted by: Purplenacho - 14 Oct 2019, 19:48:00 - Forum: General discussion - No Replies

The principality of Trumar (https://micronations.wiki/wiki/Principality_of_Trumar) is looking for new citzens. Please, if you wish to join this nation you just need to apply here. (https://hollowcrown.wixsite.com/trumar/cizenship)
We also have a Discord (
https://discord.gg/HSTYavR). And the first people to join will be given political positions. Trumar is a fairly new nation, looking to expand and build a frendly society, with no hate, open to all.
Thank you

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  Citizens wanted
Posted by: Atian - 7 Oct 2019, 17:05:52 - Forum: General discussion - No Replies

The Empire of Barbettia is a secessionist constitutional diarchy. Our nation stands for human rights, environmental health, scientific development, and the expansion of Barbettian culture. We have many projects planned for the future that will benefit our citizens (such as an expanded website, presidential election, virtual marketplace, and more democratic institutions of government). In order to accomplish these goals and secure prosperity for our citizens, we are looking for serious and enthusiastic citizens. There will be plenty of opportunities to get involved in the nation, and we'll work together to find a place for you based on your individual skillset and preferences. Join us and make a difference:
Citizenship Application:
Discord Server:

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  Oceanic Kingdom of Zavena
Posted by: reibrf - 5 Oct 2019, 02:03:29 - Forum: General discussion - Replies (1)

Hello guys, I want to introduce the sovereign state of Zavena.
 I can not go into details as it is still in its early stages, the concepts are still on paper. But I am already working on the necessary elements and will update constantly the pages. 

[color=#385898][font=Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif]https://zavenagovernment.wixsite.com/zavena

Soon I will acquire a andress. THANKS.


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  Mapping Software for building cities
Posted by: DominusVilicus - 4 Oct 2019, 13:20:36 - Forum: General discussion - Replies (2)

promatia (website currently down for a month) is building a mapping software for planning cities, borders, buildings, roads etc

Who would be interested in using the software below down the track?

We would charge a monthly subscription for users.

Features would include:

  • Multi-user live collaboration
  • City planning tools
  • Styling of buildings, roads, borders
  • Export
  • Website-embed maps
  • Plus all the tools to make the maps
[Image: YmiP26x.png]

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  New Founded Nation
Posted by: Chancellor Sam I - 3 Oct 2019, 23:45:43 - Forum: General discussion - Replies (1)

       I am pleased to announce that I, Chancellor Sam founded a new micronation in mid-Missouri, Grikley!
Details of Grikley:

Size: Mainland: 15 acres, the southern island: 3 acres, and the "out of map" territory: 5 acres 
Population: 1
Government: Monarchy
Economic system: Capitalism
Main Religion: Christianity
National Bird: Cardinal (Female Specifically)

Grikley is currently small at the moment, and might eventually expand her borders if the population ever increases. For now 23 acres is enough.

History: Grikley was founded by Chancellor Sam, inside a very wooded area--which makes up 99% of the total biomes in the nation--and planted the Grik flag. The name is a combination of two last names Griffin and Weekley, which combines make Grikley!

With a lot of time and effort this nation will prosper and hopefully over time I will add more about Grikley.

Thanks for reading, and God Bless!

Attached Files
.png   Map of Grikley.png (Size: 14.48 KB / Downloads: 2)
.png   Flag of Grikley.png (Size: 76.24 KB / Downloads: 2)
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  Name Change
Posted by: Emperor Siôn - 1 Oct 2019, 19:00:06 - Forum: Helpdesk - Replies (1)

I would like to request a name change to "Caradian Gov"

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  kingdom of melannia
Posted by: mach gaming 87 - 30 Sep 2019, 22:29:32 - Forum: General discussion - Replies (3)

In a few months I will start construction of an artificial island for my micronation and if nessesary construct a second island for any chinese people to live on.

Attached Files
.png   fakeflag-us1-us2-tx3.png (Size: 70.75 KB / Downloads: 15)
.png   fakeflag-cn1-cn2-pi3.png (Size: 31.96 KB / Downloads: 12)
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  Virtual Marketplaces
Posted by: Atian - 30 Sep 2019, 00:31:33 - Forum: Economy - No Replies

Which nations here have a virtual marketplace? A place where citizens can get together and trade goods, services, etc for your nation's currency? Are there any private companies in your economy? And perhaps most importantly, I would like to know if there are regular transactions between citizens (in other words, is your virtual marketplace successful?)
I'll start:
We do not currently have a virtual marketplace, but Barbettia is considering starting one for its citizens.

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  2019 Barbettian Presidential Election!
Posted by: Atian - 30 Sep 2019, 00:11:21 - Forum: General discussion - No Replies

The 2019 Barbettian Presidential Election is coming up. Will the incumbent, Adam Trencher, win again? Or will someone new rise to the top? Candidate registration forms will be emailed to all citizens soon, and shortly after that we will send out the voting form. Any Barbettian citizen is welcome to register as a candidate. We are hoping for a very high voter turnout, as we will make use of email, discord, and any other means to get voters to the virtual polls. Election updates will be posted in this thread.

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Posted by: reibrf - 29 Sep 2019, 07:28:23 - Forum: General discussion - Replies (1)

hello people, i have two micro nation projects but i am in doubt which one to choose .. the first one is more realistic, it is a fragmented nation built under submerged islands somewhere in the ocean, the nation is called, ZAVENA .. The other is a nation in the unclaimed territory of Antarctica, in a somewhat remote region. This one is more unrealistic, but very interesting in my view. It would also be a fragmented nation in several small "districts". It's called, PASSADOMA - capital: DISSEIA. Both projects have all planned structure, economy operation, currency, government structure, constitution, secret service, air force, royal guard, diplomatic missions, national companies, etc. I have many concepts, many drafts and I intend to start this project that I find very pleasant to develop. So which one should you choose?  ZAVENA OR PASSADOMA?

[Image: 11111.jpg][Image: 22222.png][Image: 444444.png]

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