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Posted by: Republic of Iska - 11 hours ago - Forum: General discussion - No Replies

Iska has now opened its official website

Go To Iska's Website

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  News from Pinang Interior Ministry
Posted by: Walker391 - Yesterday, 15:34:12 - Forum: Media - Replies (1)

All news regarding my work as Interior Minister of Pinang will be published on this thread.

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  Administrators of the forum
Posted by: Senator Esty - Yesterday, 12:26:22 - Forum: Helpdesk - Replies (7)

Now that we only have 2 administrators of the forum we will would need 2 other  administrators.

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  Republic Of Antegria Relations
Posted by: Summ_mer - Yesterday, 02:31:08 - Forum: Diplomacy - Replies (1)

Foreign Affairs
Post Under This Thread For Anything Including War Or Peace With Antegria

It is a simple process to declare war or ally. Why not make it easier? If you wish to do either comment under this thread explaining the intended relationship and how to achieve that, as well as information on the country and possibly a website. The way to ally is to make a comment explaining the relationship, benefits, and any other info you wish for us to possess such as a treaty or constitution of your specified country. If you wish to declare war leave a comment explaining your country, what the war means to you, and an official war declaration along with any other official documents. For further reference, the crest and flag of Antegria are provided.

President Summer of Antegria

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  Meaningful Micronational Scientific Research
Posted by: Novapara - Yesterday, 00:14:10 - Forum: Science & Mathematics - Replies (2)

Goodevening, lads & lasses,

We were curious what would you guys consider meaning scientific research that is or can be conducted by a micronation, and if so have you/your's attempted it. 

For us, we consider the most easily possible achievable research for a micronation to be technological as anyone can learn to code & program and while one's software may not be totally revolutionary, it can certainly become of use to another person perhaps and thus, legitimately meaningful in someway ✨ 

In most cases, if a micronation does have any type of scientific research, it isn't usually for anything new or typically useful to the average person. We believe many efforts within micronations is simply just trying to catch up to real nations and something along the lines of creating their own version of a/an [insert] (e.g. rockets, networks & servers, etc).

We've seen several rockets and space programs before and we're really curious as too what they hope to accomplish. Rockets are fun, so it's easy to see the appeal ?. Is there any greater goal you'd like to achieve with that though and if so, is it something else then recreating what's already been done?


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  Iskian National Dishes
Posted by: Republic of Iska - 23 Jun 2018, 21:51:37 - Forum: Culture - No Replies

Iska has two national dishes, both of which are easy to make.

1. Curry Noodles

This simple dish involves a pack of instant noodles and curry powder. Boil the instant noodles on a hob/stove. Add a teaspoon of curry powder and stir. You may also wish to add a small amount of ketchup. When all the liquids have evaporated, dish out the noodles

2. Nacho Pasta Bake

Iska's main national dish was discovered by its founder and current president. To make the dish, boil pasta - we recommend penne - and then drain the liquids. Transfer the pasta into a ovenproof tray/dish and grate cheddar cheese on top. Add some finely crushed Doritos - Original works best - and then another layer of cheese. Pop this into the oven for 10 mins at 180 degrees C, or 360F. This meal can serve one or more depending on how much pasta you cooked.

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Posted by: Republic of Iska - 23 Jun 2018, 17:29:17 - Forum: Nation Portfolios - Replies (2)

Welcome to the Republic of Iska. We are a democratic state aiming to eventually secede from the UK, by whom we are surrounded.
Currently, I am Iska's only citizen, or Iskian. I am also the President. We will soon be holding elections in which you can run for Democratic Leader, and run the parliament.
All Iskians have the right to vote regardless of age.
A citizenship form can be found here: https://goo.gl/forms/3o8l9yI3lBnefwXk2
Our official language is English but French is understood as a second language. We use the Great British Pound.
Our website is currently under development.

And yes, we are serious about micronationalism.

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  Micronational Skype Groups
Posted by: Tom Kap - 22 Jun 2018, 14:15:17 - Forum: General discussion - No Replies

Any Micronational skype groups. If there are please put the link to em below.

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  Learning about our Neighbors
Posted by: Nahtazu - 22 Jun 2018, 06:26:19 - Forum: Diplomacy - No Replies

Greetings Fellow Heads of State and Micronationalists,

                        I was wondering if there are any other Micronations in Florida besides the Conch Republic and British West Florida(Now Defunct).
My Micronation is located in Orlando,FL and I would like to see how others govern their territories and people. Anyone near the South-Eastern US?

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Posted by: Diprojovinak Republic - 21 Jun 2018, 19:07:59 - Forum: Diplomacy - Replies (3)

Welcome to ITAFAU, the International Trade and Foreign Affairs Union. Currently it is just Diprojovinak but we hope that other Micronations will aspire to join the ITAFAU. Any state can join however you may be kicked out for inappropriate misconduct.
The ITAFAU will allow any member states to enter in talks, and will try to bring all states closer, hopefully creating peace simultaneously.

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