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  News from Barbettia
Posted by: EmpireOfBarbettia - 16 Feb 2019, 17:08:27 - Forum: Member Announcements - No Replies

On February 15th, 2019, the Empire of Barbettia celebrated its third year of independence. Barbettian Independence Day, also known as Barbettia Day, is one of the most important holidays of the year for Barbettians. One major events that occurs on this day are the Barbettian King Addresses. These are speeches given by the Kings of Barbettia to reflect upon the year's achievements and setbacks, as well as to address major issues in Barbettian society. The speeches also make clear the royal agenda for the further development of Barbettia, and outline goals to be achieved in the year to come.

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  A new antarctic organization
Posted by: H.L. Prince Charles I - 15 Feb 2019, 06:59:34 - Forum: General discussion - Replies (1)

Well since the AMU has been gone for a while, a new organization had to come to try to manage antarctic micronational claims. The organization will be updated and changed as things progress. Any nation that is interested may feel free to add their nation to the list of members (just email phokland afterwords). Also do note that we use the AMU's old map as a starting point for all future claims so please do not claim to much land and/or already claimed lands. Thanks, Charlie

Here's the link also please feel free to edit stuff as I am trying to establish this as a legitimate organization and not just a YAMO.

Organization's Website: https://umlcmicro.weebly.com/
Microwiki Page: https://micronations.wiki/wiki/Union_of_...and_Claims

P.S. We are looking for officers to work within our council, if you want the job, just pm me thx.

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  Help in contacting the AMU
Posted by: H.L. Prince Charles I - 13 Feb 2019, 04:20:38 - Forum: General discussion - Replies (5)

Hello, so I have been trying to get into contact with basically anyone from the Antarctic Micronational Union as my nation wishes to join. I've tried every way possible and it's been nearly a week. Any suggestions?

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  Tennis takes the top spot in the PRKM
Posted by: ComradeDamien - 12 Feb 2019, 16:37:54 - Forum: Sport - No Replies

From the Engels Daily:
12th February Juche 108
Sports has always been a keen interest for all the citizens of Karl Marx Urbo, but no one sport ever stood out as the number one go to sport, although for a time golf seemed as though it just might clinch the title. However, with the newly constructed tennis courts in the industrial area of the urbo, more people than ever are taking up the sport of tennis. These courts are free for all to come and play and come and play the people have, in fact sometimes during lunch hours it's hard to find a free court.
"These courts are great", Claudia Wannemaker tells us, "I had never played tennis before but because of the wise leadership and the strength of our socialist system I have been gradually getting better and winning matches. I am even entering myself into a little league organised by my work department."
These small independently organised leagues and competitions are beginning to spring up every week and the calls for a nationally recognised amateur or competition are beginning to get louder. A statement from the SACD PRKM is still yet to be issued regarding anything official, but sources close to the committee are telling us that preparations are being made and looked into.
Until that does happen though, the people here on these courts will continue to find enjoyment in their use and will look forward to many more courts being built around the urbo in the future.


Does anyone have any suggestions on how to simulate tennis matches? The more entertaining the better please :)

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Posted by: H.L. Prince Charles I - 11 Feb 2019, 15:13:51 - Forum: General discussion - Replies (7)

here ya go, this thread will regularly be updated with more micronation memes. Feel free to add your own but please do try to keep jokes good spirited and keep em' somewhat polite, thx.

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  Hello from the PRKM!
Posted by: ComradeDamien - 7 Feb 2019, 19:36:21 - Forum: Introductions - Replies (3)

Hello everyone. I am new to this site, but not Micronations, although I am getting back into it after a long period of inactivity within the community (and by long period I mean around 10 years!). So I dusted off my old forum and now look forward to joining the community once more!

  • Nation: The People's Republic of K-Marx (PRKM)
  • Government Type: Unitary parliament and direct democracy (But currently under the total administration of a single committee. Think of it like a transitional administration until democracy can resume)
  • Your name and style of address: Damien, comrade/ him/ you/ anything polite 
  • Population: 1 Real and 1,200 Simulated 
  • Macronation: United Kingdom
  • Leader/Head of State/Head of Government: President of the State Affairs Committee for the Defence of the PRKM (SACD PRKM)
  • Foundation Year: 2006
  • Languages: English and Esperanto 
  1. Is there anything special about your micronation? Apart from incredibly long periods of inactivity over the years I am simulating and documenting the nation through SimCity 4.
  2. What is the area of strength in your micronation (economical, judicial, legislative, social, etc) I'd like to say social as I have always been towards the sense of community in micronations in the past.
  3. What type of micronation is it (simulationist versus secessionist versus idk)? Simulationist 
  4. What do you hope to achieve with MicroWiki? To become more active within the community and breath life into my nation.

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  Territory for my nation
Posted by: AlexostanPresident - 3 Feb 2019, 16:23:57 - Forum: General discussion - Replies (5)

Hello my fellow micronationalists,

Today I am willing to ask something:
If I take a land that belongs to a macro nation, would it be profitable? And in what costs it takes to defend it?

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  Delveran Curo
Posted by: Deelambs - 3 Feb 2019, 03:37:10 - Forum: Economy - Replies (2)

The Delveran curo is backed by copper and guaranteed in USD.  Basically, you can exchange notes for the set equivalent in copper bullion. You can buy curo notes in USD at the fixed rate of 50 curos to 1 dollar, and sell it back at the same rate.  If you want to exchange copper into curos, that rate is fixed at 10 curos for 1 ounce of copper.  This keeps people from gaming the system at the expense of the currency’s stability and Treasury’s holdings.


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  Is the Republic of Lakotah a Micronation?
Posted by: Deelambs - 31 Jan 2019, 21:59:15 - Forum: General discussion - Replies (1)

I’m going to keep my opinion to myself on this one, just curious about others’ thoughts: is the Republic of Lakotah a micronational endeavor or not?

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  Was Emperor Norton a Micronationalist?
Posted by: Deelambs - 30 Jan 2019, 17:54:47 - Forum: General discussion - Replies (1)

The so-called Emperor Norton proclaimed via San Francisco newspapers in 1859: "At the peremptory request and desire of a large majority of the citizens of these United States, I, Joshua Norton, formerly of Algoa Bay, Cape of Good Hope, and now for the last 9 years and 10 months past of San Francisco, California, declare and proclaim myself Emperor of these United States; and in virtue of the authority thereby in me vested, do hereby order and direct the representatives of the different States of the Union to assemble in Musical Hall, of this city, on the 1st day of February next, then and there to make such alterations in the existing laws of the Union as may ameliorate the evils under which the country is laboring, and thereby cause confidence to exist, both at home and abroad, in our stability and integrity. — NORTON I., Emperor of the United States."

He then went about issuing currency, raising revenue, and even disestablishing the U.S. Congress.  I contend that, aside from the basic concept of eccentric, political, and self-promoting grandeur (which is not necessarily avaricious or vicious), Norton did not have much at all in common with micronationalism.  His basis of authority to issue his wide-ranging edicts was based in no legal or even moral concept, let alone any recognizable political ideology.  The United States of America, as a political person of international law, had no throne or office of Emperor to claim.  He was recognized by no one as the legitimate "Emperor of the United States", and was at best humored and abided by those who knew him to be harmless, but he was otherwise ignored.  Charitable contributions and presents, in some cases in exchange for "Imperial bonds" which could never actually be paid out by the impoverished man, kept him supported as a local, twee novelty.

Depending upon the person you ask, micronationalism may have different definitions, some based in reality more than others, but no definition of micronationalism can legitimately include claiming control of the entire government of a macronational country.  And this is especially true if that pretended power is exercised in a manner than is contrary to law.  One could make the case that other, more conventional heroes of political thought contribute more to micronational politics than Norton ever did.  Does his story inspire you to "think big"?  I can see that being an effect, but no more so than any other figure with an inspiring attitude or story.  So it is my conclusion that Emperor Norton has nothing to do with micronationalism, despite being much celebrated within the community.  In fact, I think tying micronationalism to such a convolution of self-determination as Norton presented may be part of the reason why a legitimate definition of micronationalism has seemed so elusive until quite recently.

What do you think?

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