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Currency - King Jonathan - 2 Jun 2018

Greetings all! I would like to know how you all create your own currency? I would be happy to receive any advice you have to offer.

My thanks

-King Jonathan of Etrovea

RE: Curreny - Novapara - 2 Jun 2018

While Novia's was short-lived, we had at one point a cool digital currency, Novacoin, with an awesome, automated bank that eliminated the middleman between transactions. Simply enter the account, amount, and your pin and done. Very lovely. However, with no market, there was really no use...

RE: Curreny - King Daniel I of Sycamore - 3 Jun 2018

Try making banknotes. You can even do it with an advanced version of paint. With this, you can add extra ink layers to make it have texture when you put your finger on it. I did this and it turned out quite well.

RE: Currency - Tom Kap - 3 Jul 2018

So hard. Dukes current banknotes are meh. We are re doing them in september.

RE: Currency - Andany Gov - 4 Jul 2018

Greetings! In the Principality of Andany, we have a mix of paper and cloth banknotes with 4 ounces of silver leaf wrapping both sides of the bill in a rectangular shape, equalling to around $67 USD for §1 Regal. Our currency code is REG or RG. Our currency also relies on the Silver Standard, meaning we have the same silver in bills. That's why our money is so much higher; because of the silver on the physical bill and what it is pegged to. Hope I answered your question!

RE: Currency - Nicholas Kaos - 4 Jul 2018

Throughout the past year or so I have been experimenting with a non-crypto, internet-based currency. Working through a model of economics called the Pacemian Model, in which currency is given value through what people are originally willing to barter for items, then evolving an economy based on proportional pricing and, of course, inflation. Through this system, this currency, the Imperil, is based not on not government backing nor precious metals, but instead bartering value. Using this model was successful, but only with high communal activity. I think this could be a viable option for you, as it's easy, and does not require anything except a phone or a laptop. Now, there is an issues with circulation, however I am still going over this and would be happy to share my results if you do take my advice. Hope this helped a bit!

RE: Currency - Tom Kap - 4 Jul 2018

We need a good crypto!

RE: Currency - Queen-Princess Mia - 25 Mar 2019

I can't think of a name for mine... Costas maybe. Any ideas?

RE: Currency - Tjorvi - 25 Mar 2019

Just a heads up, but it's advised that you keep previous post dates in mind when considering a reply. Anything more than I'd say between 4 and 6 months depending, is too long without activity

RE: Currency - Atian - 11 May 2019

(28 Mar 2019, 17:32:47)kuvetof Wrote: We've don't have official currency yet. Although you can use USD or EUR to transact, gold and silver are "legal tender" and a preferable way to transact. I'm working on building a cryptocurrency that will be the official currency that has the ability to have physical representation (paper wallets, etc), where the only tax you pay are in transaction costs.

I'm actually far in the process of planning and building the crypto that will be used.

That's cool! Barbettia is also working on building a cryptocurrency. It might or might not be our official currency, but it will be used for transactions and backed by the U.S dollar. I think cryptocurrencies are a good idea for micronations because they can promote trade between citizens. There aren't too many active micronational economies, and I think cryptocurrencies are a good way to change that. If you can get people and businesses willing to provide services in exchange for your nation's crypto, then you have an active micronational economy, in my opinion.