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News from the Amissopian Federation - Horatio Eden - 10 Jul 2018

So as the recently elected President of the Amissopian Federation (link goes to government website) I figured I'd start one of these threads that people keep making that deal with national news and all that.

First, a bit of precis; the Amissopian Federation is less than fifteen metres square. Its terrain is about an inch or less thick and made out of cardboard, though the topography gets up to heights of around twenty to twenty-five centimetres near the Great Wall (also cardboard) on its northern border with the United Kingdom. The federation itself is composed of eleven states, distributed across two landmasses (eight on the mainland, three on an outlying possession), and a single federal district in the eastern region of the mainland. Like the United States, it has nominally separate executive (the president), legislative (the Presidential Advisory Council) and judicial (the High Court) bodies of government, though the Charter gives the President absolute legislative power in addition and they are elected to a life tenure, making the government more of an elective dictatorship than an actual presidential republic. 

The country came into existence on the 2nd of July, 2018, after the Charter was ratified (by me) and the President was elected (also by me). Citizenship applications are not currently being accepted, since I haven't got around to drafting citizenship laws yet, and we currently aren't recognised by any other nations (also because I haven't got around to drafting any paperwork with other countries). I have a few ideas for a micronational organisation that Amissopia is hopefully going to lead, though, so that should be in the pipeline.

As far as news:
  • The Amissopian Federation recently constructed an artificial island off its western coast, Beachhead Atoll, which holds the newest three states: Solomon Province, named for the Solomon Islands, Galapagos Province, named for the Galapagos Islands, and the Shoreline, so named because it is on the shoreline and I ran out of ideas. 
  • The Department of State has released its first tranche of travel advisories for other nations. As we get a clearer picture of what micronations are active, the list will be updated. 
  • In other foreign affairs news, the Amissopian Federation recently applied to join the Grand Unified Micronational. Anyone's guess how that'll turn out, but who knows. Consideration is also being given to joining the United Micronations, because why not let's be honest I only have like sixty years left or so.
  • The area around Lake Venom, a toxic lake in the Badlands, Amissopia's southern-most state on the mainland, has been closed by the federal government. 
  • The Capital Line, a road network linking the federal district and the eleven state capitals, was completed with the successful implementation of a bridge between the mainland and Beachhead Atoll.
  • The website is going well, thanks for asking.
  • Our plans for the next few weeks and months are presently being drawn up. You can view them on the government's Trello page.
  • Slightly more personal news: I'm writing a book. It's an absurdist political comedy book that I'm going to be distributing on Amazon, and hopefully it'll be available to read in the next three or four weeks, so I'll keep you posted on how that progresses too - I figure updates on that qualify for this thread given the fact that I'm basically the entire nation anyway. I'm open to taking questions on it, but I can't go into too much detail because I'd like the broad strokes to remain secret if I can. 
That about does it for this one. If I come up with any more news later, I'll let you know. We're open to diplomatic relations and negotiations and all that jazz, etc. etc., au revoir

RE: News from the Amissopian Federation - Horatio Eden - 11 Jul 2018

Some more news: the Department of Culture was established this morning, along with a subordinate executive agency: the Whestcorean Heritage Institute, a government organisation responsible for gathering and centralising all files related to the former Federal Republic of Whestcorea. All files the Institute has obtained are being held publicly, and can be viewed here if Whestcorean history is something you care even remotely about. Legislation is being drafted to create a Heritage Institute for the Universal Triumvirate also, though the paperwork has not been put together yet.

RE: News from the Amissopian Federation - Horatio Eden - 11 Jul 2018

So another update: just as I put the Universal Triumvirate Heritage Law together, Wordpress clamped down on the website and shut it down entirely. I've put a request in for the website to be reinstated, but I have no idea how long it will take; I've created a backup of the website, so a new one will be created in the interim - and I may switch to it entirely at this rate.

RE: News from the Amissopian Federation - Horatio Eden - 11 Jul 2018

So Wordpress won't reinstate the website, but fortunately they will let me download it as an XML file. The website now exists on my own domain, amissopia.co.uk. The Universal Triumvirate Heritage Institute is also up and running, so give that a look-see too if you are that way inclined.

RE: News from the Amissopian Federation - Horatio Eden - 12 Jul 2018

Some more news:
  • The Universal Triumvirate has been re-established as a state of the Amissopian Federation. It currently lacks any form of government since I haven't got around to staffing it yet, but if anyone for some reason wants in on that, you can join the forum here.
  • The Intermicronational Constitutional Repository was established yesterday, and at press time we've gathered constitutions from eighty-six micronations, micronational political subdivisions and intermicronational organisations. If you have a constitution of a micronation or micronational organisation that we have yet to include, please let us know.
  • The book continues to pick up steam. 
  • The administration submitted ELA-05 to the Transterran Emergency Legislature today as the first step towards Amissopian-Transterran relations. The bill will be considered more fully on the 18th of July, 2018. 

RE: News from the Amissopian Federation - Horatio Eden - 15 Jul 2018

The Amissopian Federation is now accepting public legislation submissions. If members of the national and international public have ideas for Amissopian laws, they can submit them here

Meanwhile, the legal lexicon of the nation continues to grow. The Department of Culture in particular is expanding at a rapid clip, having taken over all of the government's archival responsibilities.

RE: News from the Amissopian Federation - Horatio Eden - 16 Jul 2018

Yesterday saw the highest rate of presidential legislation in Amissopian history: six laws were adopted in one day, including the National Emergency Law, which establishes the National Emergency Management Agency and the NDRCS, the Federation's equivalent to the U.S. DEFCON system. Additionally, the government is now a self-declared signatory nation to the Levaria Treaty, a treaty established to ensure governmental support of and respect for the LGBT community. The provisions of the treaty will be enforced by the newly established Levaria Compliance Division of the Department of State.

The government can also now be followed on Twitter, so feel free to do that too.

The book is about halfway done. I'm excited to share it, and it will hopefully be available either at the end of July or the beginning/middle of August.

RE: News from the Amissopian Federation - Horatio Eden - 19 Jul 2018

The Administration is pleased to announce the establishment of the Federal Elections and Referendums Commission, which shall organise and tabulate the results of all future elections and referendums in the Federation.

Citizenship applications remain closed, but the Department of the Interior is confident that the paperwork to allow for them will soon be completed.

RE: News from the Amissopian Federation - Horatio Eden - 30 Jul 2018

Okay, it's been a while since I've posted, but I have some big news, a top meme, if you will.

I finally bit the bullet and released my new book, President Cabbage: A Thrilling Biopic of a Nation in Crisis, for preorder on Amazon. I've referenced it a few times in this thread and it now has an official release date: August 19th, 2018. You can read more about it over on its Amazon page

Additionally, if you have Twitter, I just started a new account for my authoring exploits, @HarrisonGowland, which you can follow and retweet and all that jazz if you feel like it. Yes, my last name isn't actually Eden. Big shock I know

Anyway, regularly scheduled Amissopia news returns with the next post, this is just a project I've been working on in parallel with the Federation that I'm super excited about.