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Provisional Government Established
[Image: inquisition-seal.jpg]

Statement from the
Provisional Government of the Holy Empire of New Israel

On 4 January 2018,  Markus Pius formally abdicated the throne of the Holy Empire of New Israel, issuing a decree entitled the "Edict of Lollardry". The Edict of Lollardry declared the throne of the Holy Empire to be "illegitimately constituted", on the grounds that no Christian ruler ought to claim the imperial title without the approval of the Pope of Rome. A new Provisional Government has been established by Markus Pius, which has complete authority to reorganize the crippled New Isaraeli state. All functions of the New Israeli state have been organised under the Holy Office, and under Markus Pius as Grand Inquisitor.

Notice of this reform of the government of New Israel, which was formally enacted by the "Edict of Lollardry" (dated 4 January 2018) is now being shared with the greater micronational community. In the coming weeks, the New Israeli government will be totally reorganised.

The Edict of Lollardry reads as follows:

Quote:Markus Pius, Grand Inquisitor, for everlasting memory.
In Communion with and honoring the glorious ever-Virgin Mary, Mother of our God and Lord Jesus Christ, by whose intercession, merits, and prayers may our cause be sanctified and ennobled, we declare the reform of the government of the Holy Empire of New Israel.

I. That the throne of the Holy Empire of New Israel is illegitimately constituted
In the first place, we propose that there is only one legitimate ruler for the entire Christian world, whose faculties come from our Lord Jesus Christ through the Roman Pontiff. All thrones whose occupants purport to call themselves Emperors, are devoid utterly of any authority to bind and loose in the temporal order, on account of the usurpation of that sacred title. That there is but one Emperor, whose throne though apparently vacant nevertheless persists and awaits occupation by the Roman Pontiff, may be denied by no one. Therefore, all who adhere to the Catholic and Apostolic religion are enjoined by reason to desist from claiming the title of Emperor.

Now as for our own realm, constituted on the calends of March in the thirteenth year of the twenty-first century, after the Nativity of our blessed Lord, we find it never constituted an Empire higher or equal to the Roman and Holy Empire. Accordingly, the throne of the Holy Empire of New Israel is vacated if it could ever be called occupied. We give thanks to the almighty and blessed Trinity and to the holy saints for their condescension of this truth regarding the imperial title to our poor soul.

II. That the present government of the Holy Empire be dissolved
In order therefore that the decree of nature may be suitably honoured, and in view of the fact that the government of the Holy Empire be dormant and composed largely of adherents of Protestant or atheistic sects, we solemnly proclaim that government to be disenfranchised and deprived of any pretense of authority, if said authority ever existed, moreover, we dissolve said government, quashing, invalidating, annulling; of no force or moment, each and all of the things done by that government in the name of or under an emperor, and declaring to be quashed, invalidated, and annulled and of no force or moment all constitutions, bulls, edicts, laws, proclamations, as well as dignities, offices, administrations, privileges, honours, benefices, properties and other goods, except they be in accord with the Catholic and Apostolic religion.

III. That the care of the Holy Empire shall pass to the Grand Inquisitor
We assume custody of the Holy Empire, under the title and person of the Grand Inquisitor. We constitute the new government of the Holy Empire, all of whose authorities and faculties shall be and are collected under the Provisional Government. Furthermore, we reaffirm that it is absolutely necessary for the salvation of man and the Holy Empire, and for the prosperity of the temporal order, that every human creature be subject to the Roman Pontiff.

Given this the fourth day of January in the year of the Nativity of Our Lord two thousand and eighteen, in our city of Lollardry.

As representative and author of this provisional government, I would be pleased to address any comments or queries from the micronational community at large in light of these developments. We kindly enjoin that technical or personal queries be directed via personal channels, so that the gravity of this announcement be not detracted.
Markus Pius
Grand Inquisitor
Holy Empire of New Israel

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