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We are seeking Ministers to join our Princes Cabinet
Good afternoon,

The Principality of Scotia is one of the oldest Micronations in the world, starting in 1937, by His Serene Highness Prince William The Prince of Scotia, who died in 1941 fighting with British and Allied Forces during World War 2. Our current Sovereign is His Serene Highness Prince Charles II, The Sovereign Prince of Scotia who ascended to the Throne of Scotia in 1995, after the death of his father Charles I.

Scotia is a liberal, open community that believes in Peace, Liberty and Prosperity. We pride ourselves on being a close community and we want to take our current micronation back to our origins of 1937 when we were an actual physical community, working together to form a new nation, sadly World War 2 stopped the original plans and we lost many of the community during the war.

We are looking at making some huge changes within our Micronation and have already made some key changes that will shape the future of our Micronation, making it more physical based settled community.

We are looking for volunteers to join us as Members of the Princes Cabinet also known as the National Council (our Government and Parliament).

We are especially looking for the following positions to be filled;

1. Prime Minister (De-facto Minister of State/Home Affairs)
2. Deputy Prime Minister (will take on a portfolio office on top of this duty)
3. Minister for Finance and Economic Development
4. Minister for Culture and Media
5. Minister for Foreign Affairs
6. Minister for Justice and Law
7. Members of the Council

To apply email with your CV and a Covering Letter to say why you are the right person to be appointed in the position you are choosing. We will get back to you with further information.

Visit our Website
(The Principality of Scotia)

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