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New Intermicronational Newspaper - Submissions Welcomed
Hello, I'm Rory. I'm new to this forum but I thought I'd use it to spread the word about the new newspaper, the Sentinel, that I'm putting together.

Basically, it's gonna be an intermicronational newspaper, so it involves stories from all round the micro national world. It will be released once monthly if all goes to plan. What I'm asking is for members of nations to email me events in their nations that they would like to be published in the newspaper, no matter how small. Anyone who'd like to advertise in the newspaper can do the same. If you'd like to help out in the production and publicity of the Sentinel, feel free to ask by email. Any suggestions are also welcomed.


Also, just to make sure there's no fears of complacency, I'm not new to micronationalism. I've already been the leader and vice-president of a country for nearly two years so I understand how it all works.

Thanks! :)
seems cool almost like time magazine
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Nothing interesting around. You could issue newspapers about international events and how they affect Micronationalism.
Paolo Emilio I, Caudillo of Trebia
Did you read this newspaper?
Well, hope enough things are happening in other micronations for this to work. Quailia is quiet and isolationist, so you won't be getting any news from me, unfortunately.

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