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The Democratic Kingdom of Mallanor
Mallanor, officially the Democratic Kingdom of Mallanor, is a micronation created by Connor Stumperth officially on 28 April 2014. The concept for the nation, however, was developed in late 2012 as a NationStates nation.

Mallanor is a small micronation, with the actual area having not been calculated at the time of this publishing. Its capital is Theolonia, home to the official news source of the nation, and the commercial hub of the country.

The Democratic Kingdom of Mallanor is a Congressional Monarchy with a King, a Prime minister, and a Congress. The executive power is vested to the King while the legislative power is vested into the bicameral Congress. The country is divided into states, which enjoy a good deal of autonomy.

Mallanor is a Congressional Monarchy with an active monarch, in which the Congress plays the central part in the role of the government, thus making the state system a Congressional one. Administratively, the power of the local governments derives from the power of the central government. The monarch is elected for life, elections being held when the previous monarch abdicates or dies.

The government of Mallanor is made up of the legislative, the executive and the judicial branches. The executive power consists of the Mallanorian Council and the legislative power consists of the Congress, a bicameral legislative made up of the House of Representatives (upper house) and the People's Council (lower house). The judicial power is held by the High Court, the supreme court made up of 5 members elected every 6 months.

Official Site: Mallanor Official Site
News Source: The Theolonia Times
Wiki Page: Mallanor Wiki
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Are you a secessionist or simulationist micronation?
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I am somewhere in the middle of the spectrum. I am currently just trying to simulate a government as closely as possible, but I may decide to become more secessionist in the future.
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