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Macedon Republic of Bromenia
Not one that is regularly updated.

It was decided for a short while that Bromenia was going to disband, but this decision was reverted. Bromenia's citizenship base has been largely reduced but will continue under a new flag and rewritten constitution. Bromenia lives on.

What lovely news that Bromenia still lives on :) you may not be as strong as you once where but you are still a glorious and inspirational micronation.
       [Image: Personal_CoA_of_Patrick_I.png]          
H.I.M  Patrick I, Emperor of Paravia,
King of Hoppalobindia,
 King Of Demirelia,
Vorsitzender of the Abeldane Empire,
Former Emperor of Nedland,
  Former Prime minister of Alenshka,
  And former Acting Premier of DRCC
 For folk og Rike
Glad to read that.


As you can see, I am overjoyed at your decision to stick with it. Although you may not seem as great at first, you will become greater than you were before, because only the ones who are really interested in it are keeping it going. Are you still claiming Dragostin?
We're expanding our claim outwards, but it will remain around Dragostin :)

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