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San Dover Kingdom is looking for new citizens
San Dover Kingdom is requesting new citizens to join! San Dover Kingdom is a small micronation located at the very end of the Hawaiian Island Chain. A temporary capital is currently being set up an online setting. Despite being a Kingdom and headed by a Queen (yours truly), San Dover is actually a nearly pure democracy: An elected council makes laws. The Queen passes/vetoes the law (Which can be bypassed). Every citizen votes on the law. We have no state religion, no national language (English preferred), and LGBTs are super welcome (I'm the L in LGBT). Only one real rule: NO MALES, this a feminine-nationalist state (If you are transgender you may be excepted) Please come as you are, and post any comments and/or citizenship requests below. Those with citizenship requests are recommended to visit the wiki page of the San Dover Kingdom before considering. Thank you and have a nice day! Queen Akiho I.
Welcome to the forums! I have sad news for you... This forum ironically isn't the best place to recruit citizens. In here everyone has it's own micronation. So, you'll have a better luck inviting family members or friends. (Also if you are feminist notice that roughly 90% MicroWiki users are male).

Also, why the hatred on us men? I have nothing against women, even if I am a Pro-Christian, Conservative, Proud Crusadist

Anyways it's your opinion, and as long as there ain't hatred or something, we're good.
Paolo Emilio I, Caudillo of Trebia
Welcome! You know, it's about time we had a micronation run by women. I wonder why so many micronationalists are male?

I'm much more liberal and support the idea of female equality.

Now, I know that this may be something yet undecided, but, based on your stating that a temporary capital is being set up in "an online setting", I presume that San Dover Kingdom is a simulationist micronation, or at least has many simulationist tendencies. What would you say your micronational mindset is?
Gabriel N. Pelger
Last Head of Executive of the defunct Usian Republic
Goodbye, everyone!
There's a difference between female equality and banning men, haha
But nevertheless, welcome to the forum :)
His Imperial Majesty
Thomas I
Tsar of Nolland, Reigning Prince of Ayrshire, Head of the Confederacy
Duke of Strathallan, Mercian Marquis
Nollandish Permanent Representative to the Grand Unified Micronational
Nollandish Permanent Representative to the Micronational Heritage Association

Four-Cornered Liberal (Economic/Social/Political/Personal)
Neoliberal. Internationalist. Globalist. Liberal.
Welcome, Queen Akiho. I don't know if you have noticed this yet, but all the micronationalists who have greeted you so far are men. And you're gonna have quite a time reprroducing in your all women state. It is an interesting experiment, one I am not sure will work. But, once again, welcome to the forums.
Ha! Thanks for all the comments! An all woman state was actually not my idea, but my friends! I actually repealed the original ban a week or so after San Dover was formed, but pressure from her made me consider to reinstate it... I think a female only nation is a good idea but probably not a practical one. And as for an online capital, that is only a temporary solution. The future plan is to ship all the citizens by boat to the preclaimed island, probably in the 2020s. I'd classify it as a bonefied nation building attempt, a replacement if you will of the failure that was the Starland Republic and New Pamlico, which I led for it's last 9 days of life. Thanks for all of the input, by the way! Oh, and I do know that the forums is no place for finding new citizens. I just figured it would be a good place to promote the San Dover Kingdom (although I will admit the idea of gaining new citizens like that was pretty lucrative!).
Feminist Nationalism... *sigh* About as legitimate as White Nationalism. Gender is no more a 'nationality' than colour is.
His Lordship Richard I, by the Grace of God, Lord Spiritual of Mercia, Lord of Clyro, Heir to the Würtige Throne, Lord High Admiral of the Tsardom of Nolland, General of the Nollandish Army, Companion of Honour of the Tsardom of Nolland, Commander of the Order of Colour of McCarthia, Knight of the Sovereign Military Order of Sealand, Member of the Most Honourable Order of the Throne of Sandus, Knight of the Order of Adammia, OGC, CF.
An all female country? This makes me think of the Gay and Lesbian Kingdom... Just me?

Odd but inventive take on nation building. Lets just see how it pans out.
defunct nation
(23 Dec 2014, 19:10:30)Akiho Wrote: The future plan is to ship all the citizens by boat to the preclaimed island, probably in the 2020s...

Similar settling plans... Hmm...
Paolo Emilio I, Caudillo of Trebia

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