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Which do you prefer?
Republic of the Congo

Yes or Genesis
[Image: CoA_Alex.png]
His Serene Highness Prince Alexander Von Hapsburg
Prince of Wildwood, Duke of Grover 
The Only Wildwood
Genesis, both the prog phase and the later hits.

Warren or Klobuchar?
-Secretary of StateKingdom of Talossa

Join over 200 citizens and become part of nearly 40 years of micronational history.
Amy Klobuchar.

Bashar al-Assad or Qasem Soleimani?
President  of Pinang
President of the Liberal Front
President of Senate of Pinang
Sergeant of Provincial Department of Estosadok
General of Military Forces

For more informations:
Qasem Soleimani. At least the main is dead.

XR or Occupy?
From the desk of:–
William Michael Campbell
Also known as Kerry William Stapleton and Mark S. Kavanah
Statesman and journalist in the Holy Glastieven Commonwealth

The Master said: When one rules by means of virtue it is like the North Star – it dwells in its place and the other stars pay reverence to it.

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