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The United Republics of Wolfpond
Glory to Wolfpond, Glory to the Star!

The United Republics of Wolfpond (Or URW) is a largely socialist state that has been recently founded.

The government is lead by Chairman Liam Raymond, who is also the head of the Worker's Fatherland Party. His goal is to bring Wolfpond from a tiny country to a glorious nation that rivals most other micronations.

We have relaxed our foreign policies, but we are more likely to have trade relations with other socialist countries. We also aim to one day make UFLA, the United Far Left Alliance.

We have elections for our minor republics that make up the URW, but all candidates come from the same political party. The elections will be every 5 years, and the winning candidate will have to stick to their 5 Year Plan. The Chairman is a position that will be voted on every year on the 26th of March.

Worker's Party:
The Worker's Party is the socialist party that rules the URW. It practices Raymonism/Socialism, and is in charge of the entire government. All members of the government are members of it as of the 2nd of April, 2015.

Name: The United Republics of Wolfpond
Motto: Glory to Wolfpond, Glory to the Star!
Short Name: URW, Wolfpond
Founded: 26th of March, 2015
Head of Government: Chairman Liam Raymond
Governing Party: Worker's Party
Capital: Wolfpond
Religion: None - Atheism
Language: None
Legislature: Worker's Council
National Holidays:
26th March - Founding Day
26th March - Also the start of Chairman Elections
25th December - Gift Day
Chancellor Liam Raymond

1st Chancellor of the Democratic Republic of Cattopia

[Image: sahEJFg.png]
Welcome from the Imperial Grand Duchy of Lundenwic. You have an interesting foreign policy and we wish you all the best with it.
His Grace, Lord Mike Lewis, the Marquis of New Charter, Prime Minister of Lundenwic, General of the Imperial Armed Forces, Baron of Bedfunta, Minister of the Foreign Office, Duke of Pausanias, Count of Imvrassia, Officer of the Most Imperial Order of the Grand Duchy, Officer of the Most Honourable Order of Lundenwic, Kinght of the Royal Order of St. Stephen and Knight of the Most Noble Order of St. Peter
Welcome, USRW, to the community.
Actually, I'm unsure what to call our economy, as I must admit to not having a proper understanding of economics. I do agree that capitalism, at least the way it is in America and a few other places, will be the death of us.
Gabriel N. Pelger
Last Head of Executive of the defunct Usian Republic
Goodbye, everyone!
It makes a change to actually see a far left nation these days. Back when I joined the community in 2011, they were ten for a penny :D

Welcome to the Forums, Chairman Liam! I may not be a Communist, but I hope you enjoy your time in the community, and if you ever need any help with the wiki, the forums or running a Micronation in general, just let me know by PM and I'll do what I can :)
His Lordship Richard I, by the Grace of God, Lord Spiritual of Mercia, Lord of Clyro, Heir to the Würtige Throne, Lord High Admiral of the Tsardom of Nolland, General of the Nollandish Army, Companion of Honour of the Tsardom of Nolland, Commander of the Order of Colour of McCarthia, Knight of the Sovereign Military Order of Sealand, Member of the Most Honourable Order of the Throne of Sandus, Knight of the Order of Adammia, OGC, CF.
Welcome to the community! I am no comunnist as you should understand from the fact that I am an Emperor however Wolfpond seems like an interesting nation. Anyway welcome to the forums! :)
       [Image: Personal_CoA_of_Patrick_I.png]          
H.I.M  Patrick I, Emperor of Paravia,
King of Hoppalobindia,
 King Of Demirelia,
Vorsitzender of the Abeldane Empire,
Former Emperor of Nedland,
  Former Prime minister of Alenshka,
  And former Acting Premier of DRCC
 For folk og Rike
Welcome to the forums! Is the USRW secessionist or simulationist?
_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*Peace, Unity, Prosperity*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_
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Welcome! I am interested to see how your nation develops. I'm sure that you will find lots of support and advice in this forum.
King Dave I of the Kingdom of Iffonia
Thank you all for the kind messages! I am currently working on a declaration of independence, but I wont be able to send it the British Prime Minister, as there is none atm due to the elections...

I am also currently talking with my First Minister on the issue of foreign policies, and he suggests that we should join organisations so we can become more well known, but I personally think that is a bad idea... But, if it would get us more well known, I guess it could be good. I however have an idea for a new socialist organisation, that would only accept far left micronations, but I'm not sure if many people would join it though, but it would be nice to have an organisation called UFLA (United Far Left Alliance).
Chancellor Liam Raymond

1st Chancellor of the Democratic Republic of Cattopia

[Image: sahEJFg.png]
Welcome, Chairman Liam! I just thought that I would like to welcome you to the community!
[Image: attachment.php?aid=992]
Nick Fredriksson
Of Sademaara, formerly of Førvania

So, the USRW is being forced to change it's ways by disgruntled council members.. We had the first Workers Council meeting in school, but several of the members completley disagreed with every point made, and threatened with a civil war of independence if we didn't change from a pure communist state, or dictatorship as they put it, into a mainly socialist republic.. I am not very happy with this, but I am being forced to other wise I would be kicked out of my position, seeing as I already have signed the agreement.. I have been allowed to stay in my position as Chairman, but only until the 26th March, on which the first elections will take place. They (they being 6 of my "friends") also voted on a new reformed country, and for some reason they decided to rename the country to Calderia.. My party, the Worker's Fatherland Party, shall now be called the Worker's Party, and will stay the governing party as both me and the First Minister belong to it.They also decided to allow businesses, which make's me feel very sick, but due to the agreement, the newly formed Kindred Council, they have power over me... I may make a completely new thread for the United Republic of Calderia, or I may just edit this one. At least I know that my nation is still in the hands of socialists.
Chancellor Liam Raymond

1st Chancellor of the Democratic Republic of Cattopia

[Image: sahEJFg.png]

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