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The United Republics of Wolfpond
I see. Well, I won't start an argument here. Somewhere else, maybe, but now isn't the time.
(3 Apr 2015, 19:54:21)SoD Woods Wrote: Also, the only name for December 25 is Christmas.

In Madrona, December 26th is the national Day of Goodwill, because I find people need to be more hospitable towards each other, and it is always nice to wish someone you see on the street some good
The Government of the Kingdom of Madrona in exile

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(3 Apr 2015, 20:04:50)ChairmanLiam Wrote: The reason why it is Gift Day instead of Christmas is because, in my eyes, if we were to accept one religious holiday we would have to accept them all.

That is no problem in my case :D
Paolo Emilio I, Caudillo of Trebia

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