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Research Paper Project
Hello everyone. I am doing a research paper for my English class, and my topic is "Micronations should be taken seriously." I have some good points, but I would like to ask all of you, to make sure I don't miss anything. What do you do in your nation that is serious or similar to what a 'real' nation does? Also, if you know of any good articles that I might not have seen, you can put them here too.

Thank you, and Good Day.
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Well, many of us have working constitutions. Quailia has a good government (0 corrupt politicians!!!) and elections every six months for the Assembly. There's also our newspaper, though practically everyone has one of those. Our army has seen combat twice, once in the capitol and once again right here in Fingland. And another war was barely avoided by clever diplomacy. Our air force has one plane, but I'm pretty sure that's more than some can say. And we have a wonderful culture already, after only two and a half years of existence.
Well, you can look at many secessionist Micronations out there. For the most part, they want to create a new nation to make people's lives better and to build stronger economies. Many Micronationialists would not be overly corrupt either (at least less corrupt than Macronational Politicians), as they have a priority of advancing their Micronation, often without any benefit to themselves.

These are just some ideas. Good luck with your research paper!
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Thank you, I will definitely be doing some more research on some secessionist micronations for more information.
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I think you should explain why they should. Give real life examples and facts. Call on your friends and allies to take action. You should show you are serious, about this.
That is what I did with my research paper. And found these suggestions worked for me and it could work for you too. Good Luck! :)

Pres. Jackson Cole
Artemis [Berry] Langford

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Me and my fellow politicians often host debates, discussing religion, philosophy, politics and science. The only problem is that the average Trebian doesn't manage disagreements very well :D for now, that is the closest thing we do to serious micronationalism. It's sad when you are leading just a bunch of teenagers. I need some years before doing something special. Like weaving and selling copies of our flags, creating the first Constitution, and instituting a government, a military and our first city, in the middle of the forest of our claims.

We do have a political ideology, much in the Catholic Conservative way (but I do recognize having a Liberal minority I want to get rid off). And we want to apply our precepts, law by law, and secession is required to do that, of course. We have plans for an ideal utopia, to be built over a desolate jungle area in Panama, without causing much deforestation. We want to contribute to scientific research. (Science and religion mix pretty well for me), we want to build a Western, old styled culture, be the new land for Christendom (since according to most Conservatives, Christendom used to be all of Christian Europe and the Americas after around the XVII Century, it's a long story, PM me for explanations) and we want armed neutrality, The thing is, this way we defend our interests, but don't get involved in the world conflicts, and, in the worst of cases, in the Third World War, which is a potential disaster I have considered.

I am thinking that, with all the teaching about democracy in this XXI Century, your teacher will be shocked at hearing about a tiny little country that wants to politically and culturally go back 1000 years ago :D :D :D :D :D (but wants technology 1000 years further, I guarantee it :D ).

Also, I don't have pictures, not even complete designs currently, but I am planning some beautiful buildings for my City in Trebia.

Among those buildings I've considered:
  • The City's Cathedral, I'm not sure if to name it after a certain Saint, maybe St. Paul, the Patron Saint of Trebia, but I have plans of building it over a high hill, using medieval Gothic styles.
  • A Government Palace, in Byzantine Architecture. It will host a Senate, the Consulate, a Throne hall, living spaces for members of the government and the Palace's staff and their families, a dining room, a kitchen, and some things that I may come up with.
  • A large National Library, an Art museum, a Science Centre, and possibly an University
  • A rather relevant harbor.
  • An innovative "as green as possible" industry. I want to use solar, wind, biomass, and hidraulic energy. Some factories however, like steel foundries, might run on coal, so they will polute. Of course I won't rest until I have a solution for that.
  • Fair amounts of national parks evenly spread across the nation's territory. According to my estimations, roughly 10% of land will be protected National parks. That is so we may breathe in peace. Oxygen makes you a better person.
  • More ideas I might come up with... maybe with the passage of time.
Paolo Emilio I, Caudillo of Trebia

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