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Soldiers are heroes
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I support the war in Afghanistan
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Media coverage of Warfare is fair and unbiased
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Media coverage of Warfare is unfair and biased
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I do not support the war in Afghanistan
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Soldiers are not heroes
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We should no longer "remember" on November 11th
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Why soldiers are not heroes
Glorification of the military is something I've always found disgusting... the makings of a "good soldier" are not much different than the makings of a good serial killer. The idea that doing something that would otherwise be considered immoral "for the country" is more acceptable is sickening to me. There have been copious examples of abuse of power by the military in the past, and I think this speaks volumes about the sociopathic culture promoted by a military environment.

That said - many of the individuals who enlist in the military do not do so out of psychopathic bloodlust. They do it out of a sense of needing to "serve their country" out of the nationalistic virtues ingrained by society in all of us. Some even do it simply because they have no where else to go... you can't blame these people - only the system.
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I respect many soldiers, sailors, et cetera. I detest their employer and the fact that they are expected to kill on command (n.b. most recruits do not enlist thinking about killing; they may intend to enter JAG or be an engineer, or could have been fooled by recruiters)
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Personally I believe that every man or woman who puts their lives down for others deserve respect. We shouldn't be going into these snake pits in the Middle East anyway, we don't need to be there nor should we be there, every other country gets along fine why do we have to go on 'peace keeping' duties whilst the others watch on. Of course, there are some terrible soldiers who do terrible things but the ones who do it for their brothers in duty and for their family at home, they are the ones who deserve it. It would be illogical to say every teacher is good at teaching, thus it would be the same to say every soldier is a hero, but most of them are in my opinion. When you see the hell they go through and actually see it with your own eyes, see people loose limbs, see your friends be blown up and the next day they're not there and the next. That's when I truly believe you can comment on whether they are heroes or not.
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In this case, I agree with Sebbypoos.
The soldiers who sign up thinking they'll be protecting their country are heroes; the people who command them to fight for Saudi Arabia's interests in the Middle East are bastards.
i think a lot of people in this thread seem to have lost sight of the fact that soldiers are real people, and that not everyone (excuse my lack of military jargon knowhow) is on the front lines, killing everyone and everything in sight. a huge amount of people in the army work as doctors, programmers, cooks, vets and lawyers, to name a few.
the army is more than just about killing. many people i know without the army would have no lives at all; the army is a home for many people who wouldn't really thrive anywhere else in adult society. on top of that, due to (the worldwide equivalent of) those iron triangles everyone loves to hate and the '''glorification of the military''' we have a hell of a lot of technology and innovations that wouldn't exist otherwise. those researchers somewhere who are probably discovering something amazing to do with biochem or, limb replacement (i'm working off knowledge of various inventions i know that have been influenced by the military, i can't source specific things) wouldn't have come into being to benefit civilians without the military.

above all, and most importantly, the red poppy appeal was started as a result of the world wars, i believe. the world wars where, (in england's case) if an innumerable amount of men and women had not lost their lives fighting for their country, things would have been completely different. many of those people were conscripted, or civilians working on the home front. they did not choose to die, many of them. even those who willingly signed up were not aware of quite how well the military leaders of the day had created a human-to-canon-fodder conversion system. and some want to say that they are disgusting? i don't think so.
Some of the responses I have read here are absolutely disgusting.
The individual service person signs, do either protect their country, because they can't fit/go anywhere else, want an education or trade, or are trying to make something of a rather golly gosh darn it life.
These people are prepared to lay their lives down for you lot and you sit there behind your keyboards and moan coffee-shop Marxist views, that are probably not grounded in reality.

As for the red poppy appeal, and other appeals like the legacy one are there to remind us that in wars gone past these men and women have given their all for us.
If you disagree with the militarism and war, blame the political leadership who command the military, not the solider, sailor and airperson.

That said if I could, I would enlist in either the Australian Army Reserve or the Royal Australian Navy Reserve.
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(1 Dec 2013, 16:57:24)haakon Wrote: These people are prepared to lay their lives down for you lot and you sit there behind your keyboards and moan coffee-shop Marxist views, that are probably not grounded in reality.

An akward generalisation followed by an even more akward generalisation. In a decent society, military doesn't even have a reason to be. Some countries don't even need a military force; unless you're fighting a war (which is pretty stupid by modern standards already) or have actual threats bordering you (say, any country in the Middle East and Israel), it's a waste of budget.
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Jesus Christ. November 11th is most certainly not about "glorifying" dead soldiers. It's about remembering the cost of war, not celebrating the victories of those who died in them. It's a day of ruddy mourning for a ruddy reason, you know. It's a day to remember how ruddy rubbish wars can be and all the horror created by them. If I heard someone celebrating on Remembrance Day I'd jolly well knock their block off.

Not all soldiers are heroes. It entirely depends on the war, the reasons behind it and their actions in it. Many soldiers are and were heroes, however. My definition of a soldier-hero is one who either fights for a good cause honourably, or, more importantly, acts as a saviour to both his/her injured comrades and injured enemies while out in the battlefield. I wouldn't blame soldiers for war if I were you. If a fellow happens to be in a military, then he has no choice but to fight in a pointless, plain wrong conflict if the fat cats declare it.

PS. I'm referring to the November 11th in the Commonwealth of Nations here (Remembrance Day). If the US equivalent (Veterans Day, I believe) celebrates warfare rather than remembers the bloodiness of it, then that's not good.
Most soldiers are heroes. However, the war in Afghanistan was one of revenge, which was not needed, and cost the NATO many lives.
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People have a bad habit of confusing soldiers with the military, and assuming lack of support for one means lack of support for others.
I respect every person who has honorably put themselves at risk to serve themselves for the protection of their nation and families. Without them, I would be speaking German under a despicable fascist police state by now, thank you WWII. Soldiers often have no better option in their lives, and most respectfully do their jobs to better themselves and help others. Let us not forget, the Coast Guard is also the military in the USA, and they save lives every day, and protect ocean goers. I respect anyone who puts themselves on the line for an idea greater than their own short span (thank you FDR for that quote).
That being said, the military itself is not always a good thing. In America, it is a criminal racket (thank you MAJGEN Smedley Butler for that quote) and has been used since the Indian Wars for genocidal expansion and the raping of Latin American nations. However, each soldier did not sign up for that duty, and many who participated in those operations would go on to serve in relatively "moral" conflicts (I am a pacifist, I say that for the sake of compromise, I hate all wars). I blame those who send our troops to die destroying the Middle East, not those who die doing so. They are victims of a system.
I, being someone who hates war and opposes conflict (but yeah, if an army to the degree of Hitler's is bearing down, I support limited conflict in strict defense of humanity) cannot blame those who are pawns in the games of war. November 11 is a day to look back and realize how terrible World War I was, and how terrible all our wars in history past have been. It does not glorify war, it brings us to tears thinking about the hell which is war.
I do not support the useless imperialism of war in Afganistan, I support our troops until they will finally all come home (and I *actually* support them, unlike Republicans, because I demand they all come home *now*), November 11 is a necessity for our culture, and yeah, media coverage is biased. Our wars are for corporate profit, all our news in the USA is conservative (the "Liberal" media is not, it's simply not insane) and owned by companies who will make any story sound good for these ends.
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