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Soldiers are heroes
9 14.75%
I support the war in Afghanistan
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Media coverage of Warfare is fair and unbiased
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Media coverage of Warfare is unfair and biased
19 31.15%
I do not support the war in Afghanistan
19 31.15%
Soldiers are not heroes
9 14.75%
We should no longer "remember" on November 11th
4 6.56%
Total 61 vote(s) 100%
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Why soldiers are not heroes
The problem with many systems of military justice is that at the time of issue, all orders are lawful. Refusal to carry them out is considered a crime, regardless of their actual adherence to higher law. Part of military training is resocialization to condition the soldiers to act on reflex in response to orders, even if doing so violates their conscience. I do not see most soldiers as heroes, but I think more are victims of the system than wreakers of injustice in their own rights.
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(4 Dec 2013, 23:58:01)wp773 Wrote: ...And you don't have to agree with it but I'll be damned before I stand by and let people bash any soldier of any country who is simply doing their job, regardless of what that individuals reasons were for serving....

Some of the worst atrocities that have been committed are by people who were simply "doing their job". Doesn't make it okay.
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I think this has gone on long enough now.

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