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EU cares more for the UK then the UK does for the EU

Just wanted to offer an alternative discussion to the military arguement, but also wanted to know people's opinions towards the UK's place in the EU and wanting special treatment from other EU members just because some Romanians and Bulgarians want to live and work in the UK and the rest of the EU, as well as the protests in the Ukraine because their people want the agreement with the EU that their government wont give them while we're at it.
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The EU is trying to do the right thing, but it's going about it in the wrong way. That being said, it'll be easier to change from the inside than the out, and we really cannot afford to be cast out from it again, not without seeking out alternative solutions.
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The EU is an abomination and the UK should get out while it still can.
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And how.
The EU is a unique and incredibly vital union in modern-day Europe (and the world) and it would be extremely unwise for Britain to leave it.
The European Union is the geatest thing to happen to the world since the United Nations. It brought together an often conflicted and a vastly multicultural region into a large Union where they relatively get along, have a (mostly) unified currency, and deal with issues as one. If the EU were to be torn apart, the devestation to world unity would be monstrous, as well as the economic fallout.
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