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The Erephisia Cast
We're on Episode 31 now (at the time of writing) and we continue going strong. We're always happy to have special guests on so if you would like to be on an ECast do tell me. When I get a better computer we'll do more live episodes as streaming is really processor heavy.

Also if you would like us to talk about anything in particular feel free to suggest it and we'll consider it. So... yeah. Good stuff.

(ignore my lack of proper punctuation my comma key on my keyboard is broken and I can't get a new Keyboard until the new year).
Bit annoyed I couldn't do the E-Cast whilst I was out in Toronto in the summer, but these things happen. If you ever want me on, I'm happy to do so.
You know I'm always available.
Kind Regards,

HIM Taeglan I Nihilus,
The Reylan Emperor,
Imperial Triumvir
Prince of the Marimear

Chair of the Grand Unified Micronational
I'm down to record during the week of Christmas.
His Imperial Majesty King Theodoric of Tiana and Her Associated Territories
better known as Joseph Puglisi

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