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Triumvirate National Press
[Image: TNP_resized.png]

Greetings to you, micronationalists, my name is Jackson Eden and I represent the Department of Media in the Universal Triumvirate's government.

As some background before I post this thread, the Universal Triumvirate is an entirely simulationist micronation which started life as a political experiment into determining whether the usual functions of government could be maintained online, though six years on it's become more and more about the government in and of itself rather than the sociopolitical theorems and considerations behind it.

In any event, as the Head of Media for the government, it's my responsibility to create images for the government and broadcast the existence of the Triumvirate as best I can; to this end, I have decided - in tandem with my own private news reporting business, Eden Publishing, which publishes the Triumvirate Tribune - to release a national press outlet for the Triumvirate which will report (hopefully, if schedules allow and if there's enough news to warrant it) on a daily or at least near-daily basis about goings on in the Triumvirate nationally and internationally.

So far, it's in the early stages; we've reported on our recent tentative recognition of the Kingdom of Loquntia and the Kid United Republic as well as the recent re-election of Charles Sessions to the position of Major Executive (effectively the equivalent to the President in the US, though a good deal weaker, it's complicated and partisan and not something that's within the scope of this thread) and the recent opening of the Senatorial elections.

It can be viewed at - again, consider this the public beta of the TNP, as it were, but please let me know what you think.

I envision the final draft of this to look a great deal dissimilar to its current incarnation, because naturally I need to change the colour scheme, the layout, and, well, the site, before I can satisfactorily consider it "done" inasmuch as a news outlet's development can indeed be "done", so to speak.

In any event, this is kind of long winded, but your opinions on what I've got so far would be great. Thank you very much for your time.
Chief Ambassador of the Government of the Universal Triumvirate
Secretary of the International Conservative
CEO of Eden Publishing, Editor-in-Chief of the Triumvirate Tribune
Editor-in-chief of the Triumvirate National Press
Editor-in-chief of Maxwell's Royal Report by appointment to His Majesty King John I of Loquntia
Ceremonial President of the former Democratic Socialist Republic of Nedland

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