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The Imperial Grand Duchy of Renmarchesia
[Image: 640px-Flag_of_the_Imperial_Grand_Duchy_o...chesia.png]
Flag of Renmarchesia
[Image: 368px-Coat_of_Arms_of_Renmarchesia_2.png]
Coat of Arms of Renmarchesia

The Imperial Grand Duchy of Renmarchesia (Italian: Gran Ducato
Imperiale di Renmarchesia
) is a micronation located in Southeastern and Central Europe. While still planning to officially claim land in Eastern and Central Europe, it recognizes as its own territories the lands occupied by Croatia, Slovenia and Austria. It's an absolute monarchy and it's governed by its Emperor and Gran Duke Marco I of Renmarchesia, first Emperor Grand Duke and state's founder.

[Image: 571px-Map_of_Renmarchesia.jpg]
Map of Renmarchesia
Renmarchesia is located within the territories of Croatia, Slovenia and Austria. This area is called "Influence Area" and is officially recognized in the Constitution as the area where Renmarchesian institutions are able to operate along with its citizens.
Along with the Influence Area, Renmarchesia is planning to officially claim some land in those territories.
Public places, like monuments, parks, forests, seas, roads and so on, are considered State's Heritage Sites.
Renmarchesia is divided into three areas for geographical and cultural reasons: Savia, correspondent to modern Croatia, Dravia, correspondent to modern Slovenia and Dunarea, correspondent to modern Austria. They all have their own flag and coat of arms.
The current capital city is Renmarchesia Maiorana, located in the Kingdom of Dunarea and mostly correspondent to the public areas of Vienna.
Also uncertain is the possibility to expand the territories to the south, in the former areas of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia, because of a linkage between the Grand Ducal Crown and the Crown of Karageorgevic, the former Royal House of Yugoslavia.

Renmarchesia was founded on November,1 2004 as a Grand Duchy. Since then, it established its Influence Zone in the territories of Croatia, Slovenia and Austria.
A new series of reforms in 2013 elevated the country from a Grand Duchy to an Empire, simultaneously maintaining the Grand Duchy form. The National Coat of Arms assumed its current design, incorporating both the Imperial and Ducal Crowns.
Currently Renmarchesia has seven active citizens.

Renmarchesia is officially an absolute monarchy and is solely governed by the Emperor Grand Duke. Despite that, personal freedom and equity, as established by the constitution, are considered "sacred rights", as well as private activity, personal and religious beliefs. Thanks to this Constitution, people in the country are widely free.
Renmarchesia hasn't got a parliament, but there's a small council, officially known as Imperial Council of Renmarchesia (Italian: Consiglio Imperiale di Renmarchesia) a non-elective and non-executive council that has the right to give advices and to discuss on some decisions with the Emperor.
There's also another council that, together with the Emperor, is responsible for decisions regarding Justice.
Renmarchesia is an Empire made up of three Kingdoms: Kingdom of Dravia, Kingdom of Savia and Kingdom of Dunarea, all directly governed by the Emperor.
Renmarchesia is currently governed by the House of Renwick, officially known as the Royal House of Renmarchesia and H.I.M Marco I of Renmarchesia, first Emperor and Grand Duke of Renmarchesia.
There isn't any succession law, and maybe a further move to create it will be made soon.
Currently, in case of a possible abdication of the Emperor, the country will cease to exist, and his territories will be probably divided or dissolved together with the Renmarchesian Institution of Monarchy.
Italian is the official language, but English is officially recognized as well, together with all the various languages from the area.

Citizenship policy
According to the Emperor's will, Renmarchesian citizenship is open to everyone who wants to become part of the nation. There isn't any restriction on simultaneous citizenship, so that everyone can be eligible for citizenship.
Only people with judiciary problems are not eligible.
Citizenship is directly awarded by the Emperor himself, with a special certificate.

Renmarchesia has is own currency, called Renmarchesian Crown (Italian: Corona Renmarchese).
The Imperial Bank of Renmarchesia, also called IBR or BIR according to its Italian name (Banca Imperiale di Renmarchesia) is responsible for currency management.

International policy and foreign relationships
Renmarchesia is widely open to international relationships and partnerships, and officially recognizes all the other micronational entities. The Emperor is the ambassador for the nation in the world, and can also nominate ambassadors for Renmarchesia from other nations upon request.
Renmarchesia is currently part of the European Micronations Union, the United Micronations and of UAMW (Union Against Micronational War).
As established by the United Micronations, Renmarchesia officially recognizes every nation that is currently part of the organization.

Additional informations
National motto: Nulla Tenaci Invia Est Via
National anthem: National Anthem of Remmarchesia
Area (total): 160.725 sq.Km
Population (Influence Area): 14.718.191
Greetings from the Imeprial Grand Duchy of Lundenwic. Nice to see another Imperial Grand Duchy on the forums!
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Greetings! Another Slavic state (in a way)! :P
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Welcome to the forums!
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Cordiali saluti,
Welcome! Could you please put your map in a spoiler? It is so wide that it is impossible for me to read all of your text :P
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Thank you all!!!Glad to be here with you!!!

I updated this post, now it's not too wide anymore :D
I also added our national Anthem.

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