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Passport system?
(21 Dec 2013, 11:58:47)Barnaby Wrote: Citizens get their passports for free, as and when I can be asked to make them.
wouldn't you need money to make them?
His Imperial Majesty, the Emperor Of The Great Mizumori Empire.
Funny you should mention, Bromenia's Printing Office (Rasvecha) completed the first 20 passports for our citizens earlier this week. In the spoiler below is a picture of mine. "Tezekem" is the Meni word for Passport.

What sort of material is it? It looks so macronational!

Which brings me to another, distantly related point... every now and then, you see micronations that can afford to have custom coins minted. We could to if anyone other than me were taxed, but I can't make people pay taxes if they're paying taxes to macronations.
Additionally, even many very low-budget micronations have a professional-looking coat of arms, and yet, as far as I can guess, one can't just create those things with PowerPoint. It's just like someone is handing them out for free.

How do people do it?
Gabriel N. Pelger
Last Head of Executive of the defunct Usian Republic
Goodbye, everyone!
(12 Nov 2014, 20:27:10)Gabriel N. Pelger Wrote: What sort of material is it? It looks so macronational!

Thank you! It's some kind of faux-leather that I bought from a fabric shop, and then had the features printed onto it.

As for minting coins, i'm not too sure, I suppose it's a matter of knowing the right people to do something like that. I suppose if you had the ability to smith or some kind of furnace you could perhaps shape small coins out of metal, and then have a press of your coin design, although that may be expensive. I'm sure there must be minting services somewhere in the world available.

We have an open boarder so passports aren't needed at this point.
If traveling the another nation other than the U.S.A., citizens are to notify the government in order to get approval and their E-Passport signed.
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