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Hashima Abusing Its Power?
Go to MicroWiki's homepage and read the stuff for Nov 9. Anyone else think Hashima is abusing its presidential powers to set itself up as the absolute ruler of the democratic-intentioned United Micronations? If this doesn't reek of Lethlerism, I don't know what does. Comment below if you agree!
There was a big discussion on this exact issue a few days ago. Apparently, Hashima has given up its veto rights, however, the fact that they decided to run for office again, despite having held the position for 2 years (and having blocked every election during that time with their veto) was a bit concerning.
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I think it's fixed its position beyond abuse of power mostly, having given up veto and running an election, but perhaps still abusing influence, given its decision to run again.
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If anything gets accused of Lethlerism these days, chances are it is totally unrelated to Lethler. Just like this.
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This is nothing like Lethlerism. Lethler was performing social experiments on the micronational community, and in fact was not really a micronationalist at all. This is quite different than what Hashima is being accused of - mere corruption. Before, you go around accusing people of being Lethlers, think twice. Such an accusation is a large one, and using that word means something specific (Even though the meaning is constantly deteriorating). With each generation of noobs, "Lethler" this and "Lethler" that are just tossed around all over the place. Just because it is the first story you've heard does not mean that it equates to everything here. Lethler doesn't just mean asswipe, otherwise it'd be used all the time.

I advise you read up on Lethler and Erusia before accusing people of "Lethlerism" again.
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