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Preserving the culture and ethnic heritage of Europe
(21 Nov 2015, 23:01:52)latitudia Wrote:
(21 Nov 2015, 22:32:57)Leon Wrote: You can do what you want with the information. I was trying to illustrate the incorrect nature of your statement "countries do not do less to preserve their cultural heritage just because they add other cultures to the mix. That's just uneducated xenophobia."

You have a bowl of oatmeal, or porridge if you like. You add some jam to it. You add some milk. Is it A) still oatmeal, and the same amount, or B) no longer oatmeal, or less oatmeal?

Also, just because you have an opinion doesn't mean that everyone else is incorrect.

An anecdote about food? Very well. I would suppose that it's still oatmeal, at least until you reach the point where the percentage of the overall mixture is such that it no longer appears to be anything like your original oatmeal. Rather a shame that, as I quite like oatmeal.

Well, correctness is not relative. I do not hold opinions I do not believe to be correct. Of course people will disagree with the correctness of many of the positions I hold, including yourself no doubt. You're quite welcome to argue your case. This is a public forum, after all.
The Earl Williamson, Deputy First Minister of Nolland

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