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2014 VMFA Challenge Cup
So there's been an interest in a FIFA tournament on skype, anyone interested (would be held on FIFA '12 for PC)?
Considering it was Juclandia that came up with the idea, no doubt about it on our side :p
we'd be down, probably.
Alex Whitmarsh
President of the USLSSR
Technical Secretary of the Communist Party of South London
'Revolution means change, don't look at me strange.' - Doug Fresh
Mancurian champion has been picked and will represent our nation if the tournament exists and we are allowed to enter.
Hello people, in order to help put this back on track i'd like to point out that recently, a couple months actually, EA released a free to play version of the FIFA Ultimate Team for PC, called FIFA World. This is completely free, unless you want to pay microtransactions which I think it may have, but I doubt people would waste their money like that. This would then help with any problems concerning versions of FIFA people would need. It's technically a beta version but who cares really.
Danny Clarke
President of International Surrey Football
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