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Micronational Military Operations
It can be generally agreed within this community that micronational war is looked down upon by more or less everyone. I am most assuredly one of those people, and think that the concept is rather ridiculous – but as anyone who has read my posts could attest, I do believe that there is still a significant role for a micronational military.

In this light, I would like to start this thread as a discussion of training, organization, and missions of the military forces of a micronation. Most of us here could consider each other allies, or at the very least cordially neutral, so I see no real reason why we should not be able to cooperate, share ideas, and assist in this regard.

I have spent almost all of my adult life serving in the military of the United States, and still serve to this day (this is one of the reasons that Siar Fordell is an independent feudal state rather than some of the other governmental models that exist within Micronationalism… I am still very much an American, and proud of that) and can offer training, advice, and discussion as it pertains to military functions and operations. I can post links to training plans, online courses, and ideas for a military unit to be effective and an asset to a micronation without all of the eye-rolling silliness that comes with micronational “war.” (The term is used loosely)

I propose a micronational military that is fully equipped and prepared to defend its borders should it become necessary – even if all that is claimed is one’s bedroom. A man’s home is his castle, and he ought to know how to defend it.

I also believe that there is a role to be filled in emergency response and medical training. This gives the micronational military an expeditionary role and allows your nation to be of service to your surrounding community in an organized, efficient, and well trained manner.

Ceremonial uses are also not to be overlooked. This gives an air of legitimacy and dignity to proceedings and ceremonies.

If you’d like to share or discuss your micronation’s military, past or ongoing operations, or anything else of note, then feel free to discuss them here, with as little or as much secrecy or discretion as you would like.

Note: Please keep this discussion legitimate rather than devolving into spy jokes like the “Intelligence” thread did – especially when there is actual information to be gained and lessons to be learned from it.

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I fully agree with you on this matter. While I am not one to wage war on anyone for no reason or a petty reason I do feel it is necessary to protect one's borders. The Communitarian Republic has the Staatssicherheit (National Police force 'German for State Security') which is responsible for policing the Republic and inforcing city, state, and national law. The Definitive Community Department of Corporate Defense is the agency responsible for the military. Now I have not served in the US armed forces but I do however own a security agency and I train my soldiers with the same training that I have but that is definitely not enough. I am looking into finding some courses and classes to get properly trained so that I can train my military properly. If you have any advice I am all ears. Thanks.
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I will start off with a brief overview of Siar Fordell and our recent operations.

The Thegn-hold does not have a standing military, but noble families are expected to maintain their own household troops, and all of the men of the Thegn-Hold currently serve or are recent veterans of the military of the United States (this is not policy… but simply a coincidental fact.)

The Thegn holds a commission and serves in the state of California, commanding a section of state troops that are not associated with Siar Fordell – these soldiers are not considered a part of the Thegn-Hold’s forces, and while I consider operations under US/State orders to be joint operations with Siar Fordell because of my participation, I would never want to imply that these men were micronational forces. The same could be said for other governmental assets – I do not consider my issued M-4 rifle an asset of Siar Fordell, but I own my body armor, helmet, and other non-issued weapons and equipment, so they are micronational military assets.

From that standpoint, “Software” is far more important than “Hardware” – meaning training, skills, and mindset matter more than gear, and any training and experience received through the US military is put to use within the Thegn-hold.

Now, for recent operations – in November the Thegn was asked to be an instructor at a week-long Combat Lifesaver Course (CLS) – this is an advanced course designed for line soldiers who are not medical personnel to become qualified and confident in the medical skills necessary to keep themselves and their teammates alive and fighting during a combat situation. This course was conducted for both federal and state troops, with units from the California Army National Guard, the Army Reserve, and the Air National Guard all in attendance, as well as representatives from several local law enforcement agencies and the Orange County and LA county fire departments.

I was not the primary instructor for this course (This was a trauma surgeon who is also a Special Forces Major in the California National Guard) but assisted in developing the training plan, designing the combat application scenarios, and conducting instruction and evaluations in these areas. I also led elements of my own forces through the course work, including the field training application for the final exercise.

I have gone through several CLS courses in my time both on active duty and with the California Military Department (as, on paper, you ought to be recertified every year… though this is rarely the case in reality) and this course was one of the best I had attended.

From a micronational standpoint, this course and the exercises within it greatly improve the efficiency and response for the forces of Siar Fordell, and allow us to assist in a more meaningful way if our services are requested by the realm.
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Ser John Marshall, Thegn of Siar Fordell

The Thegn-Hold of Siar Fordell

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Very interesting. I wasn't aware that you are in California. The CR is located in Missouri but since I also have a residence in California I am looking to aquire some land in Cali too. I agree that it isn't the gear that matters unless you are properly trained. A man can have all the gear in the world but if he isn't trained then he wouldn't be good in combat or in the case of a micronation, protecting the land.
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I don't know very much about military really but I would enjoy learning more about it. I plan on following this thread and hopefully gathering very helpful tips and such. Thank you for making this.
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In the fifteen years before Zenrax's formation, military was literally the end-all-be-all of every operation that the then-current warring factions conducted. An ill-defended border was an open invitation for a hostile takeover, usually by means of a direct invasion by a rival.

My father had always said that a man's house is his castle, and he behaved as such, keeping the factions from getting too violent. At the end of the day, he was the final authority on every matter, even if myself and my other siblings didn't listen that well to his orders.

These days, our military fills more of a ceremonial role, as we do not currently have any physical enemies to fight. Even if we did, our military would only be called upon if someone physically stepped onto our territory. We'd quickly assemble our forces, deal with the intruder, and call the local authorities to clean up the mess.
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We have some sort of a military, mostly featuring my younger cousins.
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The first thing that any micronational leaders should do when developing a military is to start with the basics. I would recommend getting some sort of formal military training to base your own SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) on and to expand from there. Not everyone can join their macronational military, and while this is typically exceptional training, a lot can be accomplished without going through boot camp, or committing years of your life to military service (though to be honest, it is the best decision I ever made, and I would recommend it)

If you are in high school (as so many of those on this forum seem to be) then look into a junior ROTC or cadet program - these will give you a good basis of knowledge of things like rank structure, discipline, leadership, and the military process.

If you are older than that, or a cadet program is not an option, then seek out formal skills training of some kind. Almost every gun range offers classes of some kind, from beginner all the way through advanced tactics. These vary widely by range, location, and resources, but you need to understand the fundamentals of weapons handling and discipline before you can really move on to a more tactical approach to your micronation's military. Combine these weapons skills with other mission essential task skillsets like vehicle operation, communications (anything from satellite radios to simply being able to communicate across a yard) and especially medical and first responder skills. many formal training courses are available within your community for either free or a nominal fee. The Red Cross and FEMA both offer medical coursework that is really well done and conducted on a regular basis at public facilities such as YMCA's, churches, or libraries. FEMA also has a full fledged Military Emergency Management Program that is available almost completely online, and a requirement for National Guard officers. I will post more about FEMA training courses later.

in my next update, I'll discuss the very basics of unit organization, and try to tailor it to a micronational perspective.
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Ser John Marshall, Thegn of Siar Fordell

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Paravia has no standing army, as we don't see the necessity of it, and instead operate a conscript army, called upon in a time of need. under the codex Paravica (the closest thing Paravia has to a constitution) every able bodied man and woman between the age of 20 and 55 can be called upon, with everyone between the ages 55 and 65 placed in the reserves. If one is over the age of 65 you are exempt from military duties.

Every province is allowed to form a provincial guard, known as the [province] Ducal guard. These however, can have no more than 2 members. Currently, no province has instituted a provincial guard, either finding it unnecessary or not having the recourses.
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Honestly, I thought about some sort of Kings Guard, with typical hardware you'd expect for a King's Guard unit, along with some experimental body armor, however I cannot safely do anything in Canada until that blasted Bill C-51 is revoked, otherwise I have no doubt the Canadian Government would brand me as some sort of terrorist and swiftly "deal with" me
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