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Discussion/Debate Hour with Brendan: Anti-Judaiam Protestensts and their faith.
(18 Mar 2016, 22:15:28)Emperor Markus II Wrote:
(17 Mar 2016, 02:16:08)President Alejandro Valentino Wrote: Sure but killing non Jews (Palestinians) isn't right.

Palestine's parliament is controlled by a terrorist organization called Hamas. Palestine is not a peaceful state, and frankly, they have no right to have a "country" in Jewish territory.

(17 Mar 2016, 03:12:18)Dallin Langford Wrote: "Thou shalt not kill." - 6 Commandment of the Ten Commandments.

I think that is pretty clear that it means killing of anyone is wrong and can result in serious sin and a large repentance process.

In context, "kill" means murder. In a just war, a soldier can lawfully kill an enemy. A State can lawfully execute a murderer, a rapist, or a terrorist, and this is justified as well.

Also, I understand what you mean (I'm sure you agree that killing is sometimes justified), but murder does not "result in serious sin", it is a serious sin, and becomes a sin as soon as it is committed. :)

Funny how you call Hamas "terrorists" so basically it is ok for people to invade a country that already had a government and citizens there and kill them off and or push them out. Palestine was a peaceful nation till the so called "Israelis" came along. But even way before all of this both Jews AND Palestinians/Arabs lived in peace at one point. Don't be so biased by choosing one side and not wanting to listen to the other side's story. There are always two sides to a story and both sides should be heard. I am sure you believe that Al-Qaeda took down the towers too -_-

Those "terrorists" were basically trying to defend their homeland and homes from an invader. Wouldn't you defend New Israel if I don't know say the Communitarian army invaded your land? Not saying that I will actually invade, just using that as an example.
- His Excellency, The Führer of the Greater Dashist Reich

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