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Micronational news website
Yep, indeed. Open for business and we're accepting articles now.
How does one submit an article?
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Sign up an account on the News site (should be at the bottom) and write and submit your article. It will be moderated and then can appear on the main site.

ADDENDUM: I'll be updating accounts to "Contributor" status which means you should be able to write and submit articles yourself. However, if you abuse this feature then you'll be banned, obviously.
The website looks very interesting, I send a link to our Minister of Media, he manage the Gazet van Giddis.
I signed up and cannot post articles, I was just wondering if I was not yet a "Contributor" or if there was just some other error. The website itself will be a fantastic resource to the community and will obviously enhance our media prowess.
We validate editors manually. I've updated your status to "Contributor" so you should be able to make posts now
Is it me, or is there no new news? (also, have you got my latest article suggestion and is it any good)?
I posted your article to the site, yeah. Also, for clarification to everyone - when you write a new post, it is held for moderation and proofreading and is then published, so it won't appear immediately.
So anyone can sign up for an account and writing post there?
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Yes, but submitted articles are held for moderation, and poor-quality articles are simply moved to the trash folder.

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