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Le Novaparan Journal
Congratulations on a year and a half!
Thomas Larson

[Image: OSeXX8j.png]
[Image: AEYZD3i.png]
[Image: zgjM9qq.png]

(Saw a lovely graphic that inspired me to make a special, limited edition Novian flag - Also in honor of our original flag themes/styles)
[Image: AEYZD3i.png]
[Image: Novian%20Earth%20Logo%20Upgraded+Shadow.png]

Battery at 10%, switch to battery-saving mode? Yes.

The Novian Republic is low on fuel and currently isn’t able to keep up with upkeep.
So, as a last ditch effort to preserve the nation, Novapara, will be making drastic cuts to government projects
and obligations, including withdrawing from GUM, no longer updating our News or Pop sections,
discontinuing expansion of C Hub, Our Constitution: Moonlight Edition, and revision dated pages. 

We hope to be back on our feet with an all new vigor soon, however, our hiatus is indefinite.

As always, many thanks,
    - Mr. Xavier
[Image: AEYZD3i.png]
Sure hope you regain stability soon. Any way the rest of us could help?
(28 Aug 2017, 03:28:06)SoD Woods Wrote: Sure hope you regain stability soon. Any way the rest of us could help?

Thank you very much. I'm afraid not, sadly. Lot's of revisions to be made sure, it'll be nice in the end though - A newly reformed, fresh state.
Anyway, again, thank you very much.

- X of NOV
[Image: AEYZD3i.png]
A random statement by la Governing de Novia
(there's some fancy local Novian leangwah)

The Government of the Novian Republic is opinionated more leftward, however, legislatively very neutral. In recent times they’ve shifted their organization from less of a model macronation government to a more business like model, even going as far to rename the executive position in the government Director from Prime Minister. The main bodies of the government are the department heads (e.g.Director of the Department of Agriculture), the Novian House (elected regional representatives), and the Director of Novapara (executive and primary manager of national affairs).

The most notable legislative work done by the Government in 2017 has been the work on the new constitution, Our Constitution: Moonlight Edition, and the passing of several bills and acts which can be collectively referred to as Civil Liberties (Round One).

Currently, the nation has fallen into a state of decay. The primary contributor to the failing government is the lack of people running it. The Director, Mr. Xavier by de facto, is the only body working in the government as of date, disregarding occasional foreign council with a few others.

If the Government is able to regain some footing, their agenda for the first half-year is as follows: The first 1-2 months would be dedicated to maintenance work around the site, primarily C Hub. Months 3-4 would be used to finalize the constitution and internal organization. The final months, 5-6, would be used to generate more national identity and domestic products. Lots of interest is shown in possibly expanding Novian Bank with a Nova Pay feature, allowing other sites to offer easy transactions. Or perhaps creating a new service or product, entertainment related.

Based on the outlook of events now, it seems the Government won’t be able to get their kickstarter until early 2018 perhaps, with possibly more favorable scheduling, though they’re no certainties.
[Image: AEYZD3i.png]
[Image: VNenfg7.png]
[Image: AEYZD3i.png]
Zenraxi Day

[Image: oVhNprH.png]

A day late, I know, terrible.

November 15th, Novapara, and Zenrax embraced a greater union, with the Novian Republic ceding more of its
political sovereignty and is now more integrated into the Zenraxi Federation. Novapara is no longer able to
represent itself as an independent nation, as such, will be leaving GUM. From henceforth, Nov 15th will be known
Zenraxi Day in the Novian Republic.
[Image: AEYZD3i.png]
[Image: pTdthRJ.png]
[Image: AEYZD3i.png]

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