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On Aztec Barbarism
(10 Jun 2016, 19:45:25)President Alejandro Valentino Wrote: "It has nothing to do with race" yea, and I am the Queen of England...

You are not.

(10 Jun 2016, 19:45:25)President Alejandro Valentino Wrote: Look, all I ask is you keep your outlandish comments to yourself. You wanna know what is barbaric? Your comments and behavior. I tell you you wouldn't last a day around my parts boy if you keep all this up.

What is outlandish about my comments? I have said the Aztecs were barbarians because:
  • They practiced human sacrifice;
  • They practiced cannibalism;
  • They worshiped vile, false gods.
There is nothing at all outlandish about lamenting the many thousands of innocents who were slain on the altar of the sun god.

[Image: sacrificial-stone.jpg]

What I do rejoice at is this:
  • That the Aztec Empire was destroyed by the Spanish;
  • That those who practiced such foul, vile, and horrific practices aforementioned were duly punished;
  • That civilization and Christianity was brought to an otherwise uncivilized land.
(10 Jun 2016, 19:45:25)President Alejandro Valentino Wrote: You aren't a Native, you don't know anything about Natives except the lies you believe, just like many of the lies you believe about various other things. If you think that the destruction of an entire race of people was "fundamentally a good thing" then you are a bigot! So again, keep your bigoted comments to yourself.

I said nothing about the destruction of a race, I simply commended the destruction of an empire. There was no destruction of any race - firstly, there is no such thing as "race", because there is only one "human race". On that note, the reason why there are less Natives is because:
  • Many Natives had children with the Spanish, meaning that the "pure blooded" Natives gradually declined;
  • Many Natives died due to disease.
Furthermore, many, many Natives live to this day in Latin America. King Paolo of Trebia can attest to this - he lives in a land that was probably part of the Aztec Empire at one point!
You just don't get it, do you? You can't condemn other civilizations as barbaric while ignoring your own barbarity. Being nailed to wood and left to die? Even tied to a wooden cross of any sort and left to essentially starve to death is barbaric. How about telling people unless they give what little wealth they have to the Church in exchange for "favor" with "God," their loved one(s) will stay in purgatory or even Hell? How about killing people because they're of a different faith??

I find your complete lack of acceptance for any difference in faith (or lack there of) except those you approve of to be absolutely unacceptable. In the interests of avoiding future problems stemming from this behavior, you can either stop this, or a different approach will have to be considered, and I doubt very much you will like it.
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Do you deny the obvious evils the Aztecs enacted on both their own people and other nations?
Do you deny the obvious evils, pains, and sufferings the Christian Church has enacted upon countless people?
The Government of the Kingdom of Madrona in exile

o Nationalist o Activist o Monarchist o Royalist o Separatist o Humanist o Philanthropist o Realist o Research Scientist o Imperialist o Patriot o Progressive o
ARE YOU ******* KIDDING ME?!?!?!?! You picked the WRONG TIME to start this BS with me boy! First of all you racist idiot, I am in no mood for your disrespectful and hatred towards not just Natives but ANYONE! You know what your problem is? You lack RESPECT! You really need to learn it. And what the hell planet do you think you are from thinking that you Christians "civilized" them?!

First of all, you people (yea I went there, you ticked me off) with your "holier than thou" attitudes and beliefs were barbarians too! You tried to force your religious beliefs on people who didn't want to convert and then those who didn't want to convert got enslaved or punished. What in the actual -_____- is going through your stupid bigoted head?! I bet you wouldn't say any of that to a Native's face! And just like you found that picture of a sacrifice I can find the same picture involving people of all walks of life taking part in that.

I am not in the mood to indulge in an argument with the likes of you, you really are trying to get me banned aren't you? Just come out and be honest with the fact that you hate Natives! Mamón...
- His Excellency, The Führer of the Greater Dashist Reich
I believe this retort has been made before - several months ago, in fact.

(22 Jan 2016, 21:45:35)Emperor Patrick I of Paravia Wrote:
(22 Jan 2016, 21:37:39)Emperor Markus II Wrote: Do you deny the clear evidence of Aztec barbarism?

This can easily be turned, do you deny the clear evidence of European barbarism?

To which I responded:

Quote:I was hoping that my original question would be answered, "Do you deny the clear evidence of Aztec barbarism?"; and it was addressed to President Valentino, not you. As for your question, though, I would say that the evidence of European barbarism is certainly lacking. Mr. John Marshall put it well in his former post, "Do you really think that Cortez and 500 Spanish soldiers conquered all of Mexico? No, they marched at the head of an Army of Indians that had been oppressed and defeated by the Aztec empire... who had stolen all of the land from them."

It is almost as though the Spanish conquest was more of a (dare I say it?) liberation. There are accusations of mistreatment which I do not doubt, but these were not widespread. The Indians fared well under Spanish rule (and they fared even better under the civilization and enlightenment that the Spanish brought). As for slavery itself, it was a Catholic priest (Bartolomé de las Casas) who led the fight to abolish slavery in New Spain .

You say barbarism - I would disagree. The Spanish were not barbaric. Authoritarian may be a better word choice, but even then, they treated their subjects with great benevolence, especially by 16th century standards. Smile And we cannot fault the whole of Spain for isolated incidents (some of which have been puffed up and distorted from reality - i.e., research the Black Legend, which was essentially a bunch of lies spread by Protestants).
And why don't you acknowledge the fact that you and your people were barbaric? Like Shamus said, your precious "Christians" SLAUGHTERED my ancestors because they didn't want to convert to your stupid little faith! What is wrong with people like you? Why must you try to force your religion on those who CLEARLY don't want to convert? I am a Confucianist, and I dare you to step foot on my property with that garbage, see what happens...

And since you seem to get a rouse out of pissing me off with your silly racist antics I will talk to my government about how to handle the likes of you because we don't tolerate people with hatred, and extremist views.
- His Excellency, The Führer of the Greater Dashist Reich
Markus, until you acknowledge the wrongs done on others by the Christian church, you have no right to bash any culture different from your own. Did you pay any attention in world history? Or do they just refuse to teach that in your local Missouri High School?

Secondly, when I began college I actually intended to study the Aztecs (eventually I chose other topics that have more mystic: WWI and Oceania), so I've actually been to Mexico City to get college credit helping out in the Templo Mayor site. Since I obviously have more training regarding ancient Mesoamerican cultures than you, I can safely say that you don't know jack about the Aztecs, Markus.
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Were these acts barbaric? Yea, but anyone could just as easily post a picture of acts carried out in honor of any religion in history. All of religion is a barbaric plight that mankind has faced since its inception. As long as anyone continues to fight for imaginary constructs created by man to inspire fear, and to promote order, humanity will suffer. Until it is fully realized by people such as yourself that there is no divine being watching over them, and that the only faith they should have is that being in and of humanity, then we are doomed to be inhibited as a species under the regressive boot of your fictional god. The sooner you and individuals like you realize that your god is no more real than the Aztec's sun god the sooner we'll be able to take the first steps toward a brighter future. It saddens me that so many people would much rather believe in a fairy tail than in their own race. To many people looking up is dangerous when there is so much more going on around them.
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