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Dale-Westland Vs. Sealand
Nope, that is not a typo or me going insane, at least not yet. Earlier today Mydalefc was contacted by Sealand's head Coach Ed Stubbs looking for a fixture next month. I told him that we were interested but i wanted to put an alternative team in Dale FC's place. That team being Dale-Westland because i'm bias, and despite Barnaby trying for an MFA team instead.

However, the Dale-Westland Football Union (DWFU) doesn't have lots of players so i turn to you guys. I'm looking only for those who know they will be able to play on any Wednesday or Sunday in March, although we will try to find a date everyone can do, as well as willing to cover all the costs themselves since its a little soon for me to cover everyone's kit and pitch as i might want to, especially since that would give us more volunteers that way, but i will try to save you money as is can to help convince you.

If you are generally able to play and want to PM me. If you want a non-playing role such as coaching staff or workers will be appreciated as well and i will give out information relating to venue and exact time and date as soon as i can.
Danny Clarke
President of International Surrey Football
F: IntSurreyfootball
T: IntSurFootball

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