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Project Red Lightning
This month marks 6 years since the founding of Project Red Lightning! Hooray! PRL may seem quiet lately, but much has been going on behind the scenes. Firstly, paperwork creating the Starland Technological Industries as an aerospace company of North Carolina was filed back in August. I had hoped to have approval for the company by this time, but I have yet to receive any paperwork back. Aerospace companies must get approval not just from the state they reside in, but also the government via the FAA. I may or may not meet their qualifications at this time, but I am crossing my fingers.

Preliminary testing of Starliner engine technology was concluded last month. The results of the tests were favorable, however the Red Voyager program has run into financial issues: the problem is that no useful tests can be conducted without moving on to "phase two," and that requires a decent investment to begin work on. So, in the meantime, PRL will work on perfecting the R-6 "Sounder" rocket, a long-standing testament to the Project's origins.

Recently, plans have been drawn up of a few new items for PRL. A piloted space capsule is going through early designs, which will be launched on a single-stage recoverable rocket that is provisionally numbered R-10. The R-10 will utilized radically new technology never before seen in modern rocketry, and its importance is placed second, only behind the completion of the first Starliner, SL-1. The R-10 will be built upon the success or failure of the planned R-7, R-8 and R-9 designs, which will test the viability of the proposed technology. These will replace the planned Sounder family, since the Sounder design is no longer the direction I wish for PRL's rocketry program to go.

If the build up to the R-10 is successful, a launch could be made in the 2030s. However, like the Starliner program, the R-10 program requires a massive investment to make it to that date. But money could be forthcoming if the R-7 through -9 are successful, as the R-10 would most definitely be capable of cheaply launching the world's need for more orbiting satellites. A two stage version of the R-10, called the R-11 (ingenious how we name these, no?) is proposed to help PRL attain its goal of deep space unmanned vehicle testing around the solar system. Personally, I am 100% for a PRL Venus rover, and an R-11 could achieve that.
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