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Longest honorary title you can make for yourself
His Right, Honorable Majesty of Libondor, Head of the Government, Servant of the People, Liberator of Perrysburg, heir to Robert E. Lee, Follower of Commodore Perry, Follower of Christ, King Daniel Mills the First
Not me, but our Kings title is:

His Royal Majesty the King of Arkonia, ruler over his subjects and sovereign people.
Former Prime Minister of Arkonia
Vote Liberal 2019!

His Grace, Bradley, of the House of Dullahan, Prime-Minister of the Kingdom of Wyvern, Duke of Dullahan, Duke of Urguhart, Duke of Shorewell, Prince of Snakia, Prince of the Amatines, Landgrave of Dortstanja, Count Palantine of North Spitsbergen, Count of Blauwdam, Earl of Palme, Burgrave of Oranja, Baron of Thurrijk, Baron of Leafbathe, Baron of Beith Croabh Loastan, Baron of New Bernardston, Lord of Sunderland, Lord of Sae, Stadtholder of Wyvern, General of the Royal Wyvern Army, Admiral of the Royal Wyvern Navy, General of the Royal Wyvern Air Force, Admiral in the Royal Zealandian Coast Guard, Knight Commander of the Austenasian Order, Knight of the Order of the Corwn Princess, Companion of the Royal Carolinian Order, Knight in the Order of the Snake Knights, Grand Officer in the Order of the Phyro Snake, Grand Officer in the Order of the Wyvern, Grand Master in the Order of the Capricorn, Grand Master in the Order of the Dullahan, Knight of the Order of the White Cane, Member of the Order of the Falcon.
[Image: 08a535bad9ac397064ce8df4c9064928.jpg] 
The Duke of Dullahan, Prime-Minister of Wyvern

Her Majesty the High Queen of Uskor, Jarl of Denton, Queen of Pentacles,  Duchess of New Lichtenstein, Marchioness of Tyrshavn, Countess of New South Schellenberg, Baroness of Uskor Square, Member of the National Assembly, Leader of the Uskorian People's Party, Deputy Leader of the Uskorian Fatherland Union, Lord Speaker of the Great Assembly and Speaker of the National Assembly, Minister for State Security, Minister for Foreign Affairs and Culture, Minister for Women, Member of the House of New Schellenberg, Commissioner and Inspector General of the Uskorian Watch, Chief Officer and Inspector General of Civil Defence Uskor, General of the Markus Wolf Guards Regiment, Field Marshal, Sovereign of the Orders of the Pentacle, Merit, Uskorian Lion, Crown, Royal Charlotte, and Uskor, Hero of Uskor, founding mother of the Fatherland, High Priestess of Wicca in Uskor, Protector of the Witches in Uskor, Minister for Internal Affairs of Dragos, Chief of the Secret Police of Aspenia, and Member of the Abeldane Reichsversammlung. 

[Image: FbVQJ7b.png] 

Her Majesty Charlotte, High Queen of Uskor, Jarl of Denton, Queen of Pentacles, etc.
Minister for Foreign Affairs and Culture, Minister for State Security and Civil Defence & Minister for Women.
Daniel Lee, Co-King of Corentan

We don't have any honor titles here.
Daniel Lee
Wow this really is outdated
Here's my full title (shorter than some, longer than others)...

...His Majesty King Matthew the First, King of Barnum, Sovereign of Stratford, Defender of Bridgeport, Grand Duke of Lordship, Chief of the Royal Court, Commander General of the Armed Forces.
His Majesty King Matthew the First of Barnum
"Et prudentia, pietas erit in populos" (Latin: Let wisdom and righteousness be among the people)
Kingdom of Barnum (updated as of 5/25/2019)
Most Serene Prince of Nov Te Dora, Duke of Nov Mangup
Admiral Of the Naval State.
Prince Hosamulas of Hosamia, Founder of the Babikir Dynasty, Head Priest of Hosamism, and Leader of the Babikir Entente,
Grand Prince Hosamulas I, Grand Prince of Aboudia, Prince of Hosamia and Babikiria, and Protectorate of Ticronvidia


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