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Dale-Westland player search
As i'm sure most of you are aware by now Dale-Westland is on track to play Sealand next month. After a long and some what annoying search because of the impact by the recent weather conditions in the Southern England i've found a venue. Sheets Heath in Brookwood, Woking, unfortunately a public pitch despite my efforts to find a club ground which was effected largely by the weather and its near constant postponements for Surrey clubs this month, for those interested to watch there is no entry fee just simply show up and enjoy, Kick-off time will be announced soon.

As for players, while myself will be trying to find people local to Woking and the DWFR which i'm sure you can expect we will likely be needing some extra numbers, i'm hoping for a squad of between 15 and 17 although more would also be good. However, i'm sure some people have been put off until a participation cost has been announced, well here it is, £25, this is the cost for 16 players so more will reduce the cost. This will cover your kit, a share of the pitch hiring costs, insurance costs which is more then i'd like because of it being public, and some extra costs like delivery and footballs. I will also try to reduce some costs myself if possible because this will be a unique opportunity for us as i don't want costs to turn people off. :)

But on top of this you'll have to cover some costs on your own, this being transport, football boots, shin pads and drinks bottles, but most of that shouldn't be a problem for some. As well as this if someone who is planning to come and watch myself and others i'm sure would love some pictures of the match if any spectators can do that, thank you.

Directions to pitch from Brookwood train station if people need.
Danny Clarke
President of International Surrey Football
F: IntSurreyfootball
T: IntSurFootball

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