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Create your business
Hey everyone!

Now that the MEG is off the ground, people got their account, created and issued their currency, it is time to take it to the next level.

I am talking micronational business!

Create yours, market your services and get paid!

A couple of things that are starting:

A Bill Writing Company in Mercia which will write bills for your parliament
A design company which will design you flags, CoAs, etc.
A Consulting Firm which will you help improve your micronation (brought by yours truly)
A Lottery which will take your money allow you to participate in the weekly draw.

Start yours, register a bank account (now a new account, a bank account within your system account), hope on to the services page and register your business so people can easily pay you.

Let get's this started!
Lucas Campos, Anax of Koss
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I would do this and want to. But its to much work and we would get probably no business anyways.
The Commonwealth of Lumania
Est. 2016
Don't forget to invest in Eocoin ;)
We have many products and services going, now. If I see your currency has value, I'll do trade, and you'll be able to enter into the Eodusian market for language lessons, calligraphic services, image vectorisation (two flags made to high-quality, so far!), and we even have a Citizen doing small simple fabric flags.

Edit: whoever the representative of Bank of Lurk is, for their unique Eocoin link, please PM me.
Simply Communist.
can i sell plastic baby doll limbs?
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Tarik of Karjasari, by the Will of his People, King of Sabia and Verona
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I will be running MicroDesign, the design business, alongside my partner, Stephen Freayth. If anyone needs any flags, CoAs, logos, etc. we can make it. We will advertise more widely in the future.

PM me or Skype me (atlantic5042) if you want more information.
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Henry Clémens
Count of Siñbaša, Marquis of New Keutschen, former Lord of the Commonwealth
Former Lord of the Essian Commonwealth, former Chair of the Grand Unified Micronational, Founder and former President of the Federated States of America

(2 Sep 2016, 03:26:25)Ricky Wrote: can i sell plastic baby doll limbs?

You can....not sure about the demand for this Happy
Lucas Campos, Anax of Koss
(2 Sep 2016, 12:05:46)lucascampos Wrote:
(2 Sep 2016, 03:26:25)Ricky Wrote: can i sell plastic baby doll limbs?

You can....not sure about the demand for this Happy

There's always demand, in the right circles.
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