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The US vs Internationally on Human Rights+
(20 Sep 2016, 20:59:26)Greater Ridd Wrote: P.S. This is quite long-winded, because I feel very strongly about it.
No no, it's alright, thank you :) It's helped me understand further.
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(20 Sep 2016, 21:23:13)RepublicofSmithvilleGovernment Wrote: The US does have good human rights compared to many countries. But the US still constantly violates International Law through it's campaigns of bombing people that have a population that the majority are Non-Whites. I am pointing out is that the US hasn't bombed any country where white people is the majority ethnicity since World War II. No offense to anybody here as that was a joke by George Carlin... I also forgot about Serbia in 1999, that is the last time we actually bombed white people...

But with all jokes aside, the European Countries have better human rights than the United States...

But "white people" country are not overrun with terrorists.
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(20 Sep 2016, 23:10:11)MaxofJupiter Wrote: But "white people" country are not overrun with terrorists.

This won't be true for much longer, if the growing list of tragedies in France, Belgium, Germany and Sweden is a good indicator of anything.
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