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New Direction
One of the most enlightening experiences in my micronational career, to me, has been my time as this organization's Chairman. I have been given the opportunity to work gruelingly on a topic that I love, making stable partnerships along the way. The Micronational Economic Group has not only provided the community with economic enlightenment, but has provided me with personal enlightenment.

However, what I've personally noticed - and anticipated - was that the micronational economy built off of MicroCoins is being operated almost solely through the entertainment sector. News groups, banks, and design groups are ruling the MicroCoin. I was accepting of this, because I expected it. However, one particular member of the Council came along and shattered this status quo with his vision of the Micronational Economic Group.

Kerry Stapleton, Primary Council Representative of the Bank of Wesley, illustrated to the Council his vision of the Micronational Economic Group not abiding and fueling the status quo of Micronational Economics, but that the Group should go a million steps further: make this a real economy, a diverse economy, with many people, and have the currency actually grow to mean and be worth something legitimate.

The first step in this highly ambitious plan was to introduce a new MEG project, the sixth one, which would act as a revolutionary think tank, delving deep into the theories of micronational economics and studying macronational economics to come up with a plan of how to achieve our goals. This is what I've come to announce to the Group members and users, as well as the entire community, here today.

On behalf of the marvelous Kerry Stapleton, I wish to announce the establishment of the MicroSchool of Economic Thought, an economic think tank which will work to develop the Micronational School, a form of economic thought specifically for micronations and micronationalism.

The MicroSchool brings with it a new direction for the Micronational Economic Group, a direction which insists more than perfecting the status quo but truly moving forward into legitimizing micronational economies as real economies, and making MicroCoin a real currency.
[Image: mnVifFa.png]
[Image: 598px-Esseseal.png]
Henry Clémens
Count of Siñbaša, Marquis of New Keutschen, former Lord of the Commonwealth
Former Lord of the Essian Commonwealth, former Chair of the Grand Unified Micronational, Founder and former President of the Federated States of America

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