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2017 Surrey International Open
While not officially unveiled yet while we look to confirm our host venue this weekend hopefully, International Surrey Football is looking to host its first every competition in South London in June 2017. We've invited 7 teams so far and while we wait for confirmation from those teams that wish to participate or a rejection if they do not, Surrey will still look at expanding who will be invited to play, places are first come first served so while we're offering the micronational comunity a place if 5 other teams accept our invitation first they'll get to play.

The competition will feature 6 non-FIFA teams including ConIFA and non-ConIFA members and we'd like to make 1 place available to a MFA or other micronational football team, including a Micronationalist XI.

The requirements are simple and fairly self explanatory, although I will answer any questions you may have.
  • Must announce a 16 to 23 player roster,
  • Must self fund all travel and accommodation,
  • Must play at least 1 game between now and end of April to confirm your commitment and ability to play, this game can be against any team including Surrey or club (photographic evidence or confirmation from the opposition if they're a club or other trustworthy non-FIFA team required),
  • Be aware that you'll be expected to play every game (Sounds obvious but this will be a 7 to 9 day tournament and we don't want half the team to leave because they have school the next day...)
  • Be of a reasonable age (Sound odd, especially given the 13 year old Celtic player that featured for the U20 side the other day, but you'll be playing 20 and 30 year olds and we'd feel bad is a team of 15 year olds showed up)
Let me know as soon as possible if you'll be interested, as a team that descended from the MicroWiki community and the MFA, it makes sense for us to do something to support the community.
Danny Clarke
President of International Surrey Football
F: IntSurreyfootball
T: IntSurFootball

I'd be happy to take part in any MFA involvement in the tournament. I don't know if the MFA is still active but if Barnaby or whoever runs it now is interested in taking part I'd be glad to help.

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