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The Death of Fidel Castro
I would like all of you to share your thoughts on Fidel Castro during his life.
Yours Truly, Giovanni Tomelleri
I thought Fidel Castro in many places was a good man, in others he was bad. But overall his ideas of Socialism had been taken to heart and he changed Cuba forever. He is an amazing inspiration to many. I like him in the areas that he has done good. I disagree with his Marxism, but I agree on some Socialist Parts of him. I actually wanted to meet him before he died but unfortunately I wasn't able to due to passport expenses. I wish I would have been able to visit him just before his death.

May Fidel Castro Rest in Peace (August 13th, 1926 - November 25th, 2016.)
Yours Truly, Giovanni Tomelleri
Zealandia is in mourning at the death of a revolutionary figure, I'm trying not to cry myself.

What Fidel and the Cuban communists did for Cuba, South America and Africa is frankly amazing.

The Zealandian Government, Council of State and Party wrote a statement if anyone is interested:
Statement on the Death of Comrade Fidel Castro
Marshal Charlotte Lindstrom
Chairwoman of the Council of State of Zealandia, Minister for Foreign Affairs and Culture, Minister for Women, Minister for State Security and Antifascism.
Chairwoman of the Zealandian League of Communists

All views are my own
Fidel Castro was an interesting man especially from history's perspective, he is a man who defied US interventionism, and brought sweeping revolutionary changes to South America. Fortunately, despite the US's CIA attempts to rid off him because of the threat he presented to American Imperialism, he still survived. While, I don't agree with some aspects of his former policies and politics and things that he did to his country as a Dictator of course though, he is something that history can never, ever ignore.

May he rest in peace.
Artemis [Berry] Langford

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I'm just surprised he's dead. I'm in shock. He has always been alive. If anything, I took his life for granted in quite a strange way, if you know what I mean. Honestly, I think he was kind of a ghastly human being, yet truly great in other ways. Like Dallin said, I don't believe history can forget him, nor should it. May he rest in peace and an army uniform, always.
His Excellency,
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Richard Cunninghytholoday Wrote:Now, when I say 'oh my god nobody cares,' please don't take offence; but oh my god, nobody cares.
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There has never been a perfect communist state, or leader of such a state, and quite frankly there probably never will be. Is Castro a perfect communist, and is Cuba a perfect communist state? No, but in all honesty, compared to other "comrades" like Zedong and Stalin, I'm going to have to tip my hat to Castro's life. Because, for as much as we Americans seem to point fingers and claim to bear witness to the face of evil, Fidel Castro has been one of the better international representatives of communism, and he helped bring the spirit of Marx's vision to the forefront of an entire country, which is something few if any of us will ever accomplish.
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man, i can't believe he's dead. the CIA are probably mad it wasn't them. :p
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What should I say exactly? I'm just shocked as others here, but I am not particularly big on left-wing revolutionaryism. Did you expect me to say I was aa a token?
Even though most people in New Pugnasia don't like communism, we were sad to hear that he past away.
I did not realize he was still alive, I thought he died in the 90s or something.

He was a terrible ruthless dictator that lied to his people and suppressed BASIC HUMAN RIGHTS. The world has one less horrible person.
HM King Max I
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