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(20 Mar 2017, 09:52:03)Edward Wrote:
(20 Mar 2017, 03:16:22)Tjorvi Wrote: While I identify as straight, I don't understand for the life of me why it matters to other people how you identify as a person, whether you like men, women, or both. Honestly, what does it matter?

Why does it matter? Well, If you're not aware, It's a civil right to be openly homosexual nowadays. Back then, It was unheard of to be homosexual. And in some countries today, they'll kill you if you're a homosexual. Homosexuality and the LGBTQ community is a strong topic nowadays. Even though I'm not a strong supporter of the LGBTQ community because I believe in protecting family values just like any conservative would, I must say that It defiantly matters. It's just got a bad rep and happens to be praised by the left-wing heathens.

>any conservative 
>TIL david cameron isn't a conservative 
>TIL donald trump isn't a conservative
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The Donald is not a conservative, he is something eslse
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Quote:I just don't care, I respect who you are if you respect who I am. 
I personally swing both ways, never has been an issue for me, but then again I'm British and I surround myself with Scandinavians. As for the whole conservative thing, I come from a very conservative area (in at least the British sense) and it's not been a problem. Some elderly people don't like it but I've never had an issue with anyone under 70.
Additionally, one of my best friends appeared in a Norwegian TV documentary about teenagers coming out to their families which is available here if anyone is interested.
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Honestly, I just wanted Gay Marriage to be legal because I believe in Liberty. If you want to marry the person you love because you love them, it should be your Right to do so. If someone from the WBC holds up a sign protesting this saying that "Gawd haets fegz" I will laugh at them for looking like buffoons, and move on. I do believe they have the right to do it, because I luv muh Liberty. When it comes to LGBT Rights now, I don't care anymore we gave them rights and I am going to move on.
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I believe in classic liberty, like our Anglo-American ancestors fought for long ago.
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Edward Daniels
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There are rights, and then there are things that people seem to think are rights...

I am all for LGBT rights because rights are for EVERYONE. Should someone not be allowed to vote for any reason (other than citizenship, or a felony?) no, of course not. Should you be excluded from a job, or fired because of who you love? No way. Should you be prosecuted unfairly because of your sexual orientation? That would be an outrage. Should you be able to marry whoever you want? Yes... but should the government force it upon others? No... certainly not. There is no right to marriage (I am speaking about the United States here... I don't have the background to discuss legalities in other nations) strictly because marriage is not a function of the government. It is a religious institution. That is not to say that the government does not have a classification for marriage for tax purposes, next of kin, etc. - all of which, in 2017 is fully accessible by any LGBT individual with their partner by filling out all the appropriate forms. But to make the government force a religious institute to go against their beliefs or teachings is not a right of anyone, no matter their sexual orientation.

keep in mind that priests, ministers, and rabbis can refuse to marry a couple for any number of reasons, and the vast majority of them have to do with religion. Priests have refused to marry devout Catholics because the bride's parents were married in a vineyard rather than a church. Rabbi's can refuse to marry a Jewish couple because the groom's Hebrew was not up to the rabbi's standards (This happened to a friend of mine... he had to take 6 months of lessons and then a written test before he could get married) - I myself could not be married in a Greek church because I did not have my original baptism certificate from 30 years ago... I had to hunt it down with a sworn statement from a priest to prove that I was not a heathen... it became even more complicated because apparently I was baptised Lutheran and confirmed Presbyterian, but practice Catholicism. If you're gay, and you want to get married in a cathedral, and you find a location and a priest to do it, then awesome. Get your wedding on... but you should not be able to open up a lawsuit to force someone to go against their religious beliefs in what is fundamentally a religious ceremony.
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The VAR doesn't really get involved with political movements that could get us infamy, but the LGBT community is free to practice whatever they want. We have a cultural freedom act installed.
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can this be the new LGBT general thread? every forum i go on but this one has one.

i'm taking my girlfriend on a date friday - kong skull island. we have the benefit of being seen as two girls (although the reality, as it tends to be, is a bit more complicated) so most just see us as friends if we go on a date, even if we hold hands. :3 i've already seen the movie, so i really get to just relax and enjoy seeing it with her, which is really exciting. i love her so much.

i don't really have a "born this way" like attitude for being gay or being trans, they are both just realizations i came to over time seperately. they're very big parts of my identity and who i am, but at the same time, i don't think theyre part of the elevator pitch i would use to describe myself to others. *shrugs*
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(22 Mar 2017, 19:58:35)The Sludge Pope Wrote: so most just see us as friends if we go on a date, even if we hold hands. :3

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Nick Fredriksson
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So, over the holidays, when I was bored, I looked up 'List of bisexual people' on Wikipedia. Firstly, it's actually 'Lists', there are so many they have to split the page into four.

Secondly, there were a few impressive names on the list:
  • Hans Christian Andersen, the author of 'The Little Mermaid' and 'The Ugly Duckling'
  • Billie Joe Armstrong, the lead singer of Green Day
  • Kate Brown, the Governor of Oregon
  • James Dean, who you may know from Rebel Without A Cause
  • Calvin Klein, underwear designer (which makes an odd sort of sense)
  • and many more...
[Image: attachment.php?aid=992]
Nick Fredriksson
Of Sademaara, formerly of Førvania

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