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Operation: help all those poor african people
(29 Mar 2017, 15:52:44)trentsta12345 Wrote: I have been convincing local americans to send care packages to the african schools and towns such as farming equipment and books to help improve communities. I have also unexpectingly got mail from other local nation leaders saying they have gotten letters declaring future support for endeavors and african campaigns such as more care package deliveries and food runs, this could be big for our new micronational era. We could (like our ancestors) capitalize on african support and change the third world continent into a first world continent just be helping to improve society over there. Like a wise man said  Give a man a fish, he will eat for a day, give a man a fishing pole and a boat, he will feed the village for a lifetime.

so lets think, how bout we all get busy and send things to africans, I think its a good idea not just for morale purposes but also a way to gain recognition. REAL RECOGNITION!

The problem isn't with Africans. The problem is with their corrupt governments. Africans would be prosperous without the burden of their governments holding them back.
(30 Mar 2017, 19:59:22)RepublicofSmithvilleGovernment Wrote:
(30 Mar 2017, 03:26:07)Kounotori Wrote:
(29 Mar 2017, 21:17:57)RepublicofSmithvilleGovernment Wrote: I found out, that's the case for the entire world having lactose intolerance.  That's because the ability of humans to digest milk only originated about 2,000 years ago but still we can genetically modify food to grow faster, require less fertile soul, as well as require less water with the modification of a few genes in the DNA sequence.

it's rare in asia but I have lactose intolerance too, [swear], I really like milk :(

human body slowly stop producing lactase when they are 13-15 but if they keep drink milk, they will keep this ability.

I used to work with GM plant for harsh environment for a week then the project is cancelled, people still have misconception about GMOs and never listen to us *sigh*

those plant can save million people >:(
So, it's the fact that people in Africa lack access to milk....

no, they can't digest milk and lactose will cause diahria and can cause shock from water and mineral loss

UN and other organizations already try this and find out they can't eat donated food because contain milk
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TL;DR for this

I don't know whatever you are planning to do, but before give them a food supply, make sure those food don't contain anything they can't digest

or it will become a disaster
Ad astra per aspera, through hardships to the stars

STL Ernst / ASRN Rocket builder
April Fools!
Africans don't really need to eat
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(1 Apr 2017, 19:49:09)frix Wrote: April Fools!
Africans don't really need to eat

This guy gets it

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