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The Glastieven Model
The creation of the 'Glastieven Model'

As some of you may be aware, I am the Minister for Media and Economics in Glastieve, as well as having a strong interest in micronational economics. I personally believe that one of the most important, but most neglected, aspects of many micronations is the economy. However, today, with the presentation of the below white paper to the cabinet of Glastieve, I hope to end this problem once and for all in Glastieve. I would also like to try to end this problem in the micronational community in general, and starting with this internal white paper, I hope to move forwards with publishing more information and ideas for other people to use in their micronations, and for the community as a whole to use to create a powerful intermicronational economy.

The start of this project, the Glastieven Model white paper, is available to read at the two below URLs.
It's an interesting approach. I look forward to reading updates on its roll-out. Good work on the white paper, such "meaty" policy releases are great for us journalists to latch onto ;)
Liam Sinclair
Editor, Coprieta Standard
This all looks very mature, I like it. I do hope you will be joining Loquntia and Mcarthia as members of the intermicronational Central Bank Authority. The Central Bank would like to purchase stock and other marketable financial instruments in exchange for credit.
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I think that you're on to something. With a little bit of polish, we could really take your proposal and jumpstart an intermicronational market.
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