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Equality Regards of Shirtless-ness(?)
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Yes, it is cultural programming. We are entitled as Americans to our own culture, is that not okay with you?

If everything has to be "equal", then let's make it illegal for men to be shirtless.
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(4 May 2017, 19:03:42)kingjohnthefirst Wrote: Yes, it is cultural programming. We are entitled as Americans to our own culture, is that not okay with you?

If everything has to be "equal", then let's make it illegal for men to be shirtless.

Oh, please don't mind me, I never specified my stance on the subject.

I attended a dance performance yesterday, there was a topless woman in one piece so they had disclaimed it in the programs + in the announcement before. It ended up not being very invasive at all, her hair covered so it was a similar to the older Little Mermaid film actually haha.

Also, my family had been talking about it before so it had been something that has been occurring fairly frequently recently so I thought I may bring it here to discuss.
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I believe women should be allowed to be shirtless in any context where men are allowed to be shirtless. Breasts aren't sexual organs, they are for the feeding of babies. Sexualized does not equal "sexual". A century ago, a woman showing her ankles was "provocative". Society changes. Everyone's entitled to their own culture, but culture isn't static, it evolves over time, and that's okay.
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to be fair, a guy will be just as equally arrested for walking around town without wearing any pants & underwear or just walking around naked as any woman would
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Pretty much anti-shirtless.

Why can't culture just accept that the sexes are different and stop obsessing about "equality". True equality doesn't exist anyway. We have moved past women's equality, now women are trying to hijack and dominate men in all areas of society. Women have advanced so much in that they can now do everything men can do, but men still can't do or get away with things women can but men can't.

End of story: Men can be shirtless when the situation is appropriate, women don't deserve it.
This is so ridiculous. Western cultures do not advocate this and never have. Making this legal nowadays in a Western country or anywhere would just be foolish.
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(4 May 2017, 19:03:42)kingjohnthefirst Wrote: If everything has to be "equal", then let's make it illegal for men to be shirtless.

I was literally just about to say this. How about we make shirtlessness in public period illegal?!
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I like breats but I want to see them in private. In public spaces the descent thing to do is wear a shirt (except on your property). Yes it is more relaxed for men. Yet again I don't think highly of shirtless men not near bodies of water.
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Honestly, I don't find a woman's chest any more sexual than a mans. It's all over art, fashion, print, videos, etc already as well, hardly censored.

People should be treated as humans, with equal rights, not as "men" or "women" in my opinion. Odd, barring, and old-age traditional sub-categories. No separate standards or expectations for anyone solely based off their body, it's simply not fair to judge a person like that. It does no one any harm as well, excluding some perverts I suppose who are ill mannered and not-bright.

Gosh, sex in human-culture is so stupid. I do hate the way people build it up into this odd, ultra-mighty, transcending thing with so much value and power. It's reproducing!!! Does it have to be more?! People make me embarrassed to even be a dumb human, we're all (humanity collectively as a whole) so stupid. Lame~
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