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Isn't Europe and it's people going down the tubes?
Aren't the culture and people of European countries being diluted of those by other cultures. I want a miracle to save us all.

Do you think Europe is being diluted?
what can you dilute?

we are same species
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Just because we are the same species (otherwise a "race") doesn't mean we can't celebrate ethnic, language, or cultural differences, got that?
it does not matter if those different things don't cause physically or mentally harm each other or treat others improperly, people from differ culture can live together

it's called multicultural
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Okay, what are your pros of multiculturalism?
I've noticed you ask a lot of questions like this and they always seem to be worded in a very loaded manner. Assuming you are looking for genuine answers, can I recommend you word your questions more neutrally?
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How do I word this type of stuff more neutrally?
I agree with Frix that you're going about this line of questioning all wrong. You propose a "question" that is really just a statement of your beliefs, and then you dare people to disagree with you. Furthermore, it comes off as aggressive and hypernationalistic, which is not a good look for anyone. I understand the point that you are trying to make, and that it is almost certainly in reference to Muslim migrants and refugees, but going off of what you said (not what you really mean) Europe has been multicultural for generations. Just about everyone in Europe is multi-lingual, with many speaking 3 or 4 languages. Travel between nations is unimpeded, you can live in Berlin and take a weekend trip to London or Madrid on little more than a whim (the Eurorail is great for this) Nations have done an excellent job of maintaining their cultural identity, while still embracing the better parts of other cultures. Look at Oktoberfest and see how many of those celebrating are not German, but have come in from France, Spain, the UK, or America.

Now, as to your "Dilution" of "European Culture" (which is not a thing, by the way, as Europe has many many distinct cultures... you should probably just say "white" since that is what you mean after all, isn't it?) I don't think that this is really something that you have to worry about. Culturally, those coming into Europe traditionally live, eat, work, and marry within their own cultural groups, and it is a big taboo to go outside of those norms. A female refugee from Syria is not likely to marry a German man, and a man who immigrated from Pakistan is not likely to marry a Swedish woman. And even if they did, those who would step outside of their cultural norms, practically abandoning their backgrounds to do so, would almost invariably take on the culture of their spouse.

Also, genetic diversity is a good thing. It opens up new generations to take on the most admirable characteristics and best traits of previous generations, and natural selection takes its course. Some of the most beautiful people in the world come from very diverse backgrounds. Look at Brazil, for example - a nation that has had no cultural taboo against the marrying of European, indo-American, and African cultures for hundreds of years and the result is a gorgeous population with the highest percentage of supermodels in the world.

Now if you're referring to the more typical cultural items, such as food, language, laws, and values, I wouldn't be too worried about that either. The legal systems and cultural identity of most European communities are far too entrenched to be simply changed, and any attempt to do so would be met with resistance not only from the far right, but from everyday Europeans. What it boils down to is this: There are cultural norms and actions from every culture that can hinder learning and advancement - ignore those parts, and only take away only the good. Sharia law is ridiculous... but so are laws based on Christianity, or Hinduism (they don't even let you eat beef!) The Arabic language and script can be beautiful. Islamic art and architecture are stunning, and already have a firm foothold in Europe from the middle ages. The words of Persian Poets, like Hafiz, are a treasure to the world - The same goes for any culture. Appreciate it for what it has to offer, and it can make you a better person. But this also requires rejecting the bad - which takes generations to filter through, and can be painful. History has shown that cultures that embrace the best parts of each where they meet will come off better because of it.
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Yes, the Muslim migrants and refugees were 80% of it.
(6 May 2017, 07:43:08)GovLynxia Wrote: Aren't the culture and people of European countries being diluted of those by other cultures. I want a miracle to save us all.

Do you think Europe is being diluted?

Do not worry for I have a solution :^)

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