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Isn't Europe and it's people going down the tubes?
(8 May 2017, 00:06:53)GovLynxia Wrote: Yes, the Muslim migrants and refugees were 80% of it.

I know. I think we all know. That is why I said what I did. Try to take a less loaded approach to your line of questioning in the future. You said "isn't Europe going down the tubes" as if the question was obvious, and left no room for discussion, and then you replied to someone's comment and ended your statement with "Got it?" as if you are schooling them on something very simple that they just cannot seem to grasp. You're coming off in not a very good light, and the way you were dancing around the issues of Muslim immigration while making it painfully obvious to all of us that that is precisely what you're talking about, leads us to draw a lot of conclusions about you... none of them being good. Calm down, ask questions, state your opinions, and learn from those around you.

Now, as to the subject at hand, I don't think it is something that you should really be concerned with. immigrants from Islamic nations, be they refugees or other migrants, do not have the numbers, money, influence, or power to change the cultural makeup of Europe, and the vast, vast majority have no wish to. Most of them left their home nations and cultures because living in them was, well, pretty terrible. They went to Europe because it is better. Sure, there are people among the recent immigrants who associate more with radical Islam and want to change the culture of their new homes. Those folks get a lot of attention, and certainly make the situation tougher for everyone else living around them, but they have no real influence, and in truth, their actions don't do anything but unite Europeans against the rest of the Muslim community who just want to be left alone. The cultural norms of Islam and Islamic culture that are directly at odds with the European culture of their adopted homes will be phased out within a generation or two, simply because the children who came to Europe as children, and are raised in European societies will be far more inclined to adopt those cultural norms than those of their parents, no matter the parental influence. second and third generation immigrants are no longer immigrants... they are Europeans in every facet - language, dress, values, food, pop culture, preferences... perhaps even religion.

There will always be issues when there is a mass immigration event. There will be growing pains, reluctance to adapt and assimilate, a tendency to focus on your own areas and your own people. This is natural, and goes for native Europeans too, and we see it manifested in far right movements and demonstrations, but unless you give a new ethic group an opportunity to assimilate into society, you will never know if they will or not.
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(8 May 2017, 01:39:41)Romanicus Wrote:
(6 May 2017, 07:43:08)GovLynxia Wrote: Aren't the culture and people of European countries being diluted of those by other cultures. I want a miracle to save us all.

Do you think Europe is being diluted?

Do not worry for I have a solution :^)

we just got rid of Markus man jfc
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