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Congress of Colo Links
Congress of Colo Facebook page:

Minutes of first session:
Delegations from the Grand Republic of Delvera, the Empire of Karnia-Ruthenia, and the North American Confederation passed this resolution this morning in the second session of the Congress of Colo
Micronations had never been adequately defined before. Question arose as to the actual, legitimate legal status of micronations, specifically ours but also in general, as a matter of fact rather than in theory, and this is what the delegations determined was the properly defined status.
Here is the link to the minutes of the second session.
I think you could consider it an event more than anything.
Here is the link to the third session of the Congress, presumably the penultimate session before the September 2nd permanent adjournment.
The Congress of Colo adjourned today at 8:00am Delveran Central Time following the adoption of the 2017 Articles of Intermicronational Order.
Here are the minutes from the fourth and final session of the Congress.
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