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WANTED: Logo designer
We have now passed the deadline and entries are... somewhat non-existent. We will extend the deadline to the end of this month, and if we don't get anything after that, Jon's gonna have to fire up MS Paint.
President of the Republic of Mcarthia | Forum administrator | Associate Justice of the Grand Unified Micronational | Litigator

I'm not doing much actual micronationalism at the moment, because I'm writing a load of new legislation for Mcarthia. Expect a grand reopening soon!

I also run the law firm Jurisfocal
Sends interesting, I will look into it more and see if I have some time to put into this.

Regem, Benjamin I.
Fascist Republic of Latine.
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Benjamin I,
Regem of Latine,
Latine Monarch,
Fascist Republic of Latine.

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