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Modernism vs Postmodernism
(24 Aug 2017, 20:50:43)SoD Woods Wrote: Can I say that the term "postmodern" is kinda silly? Think about it: "modern" means now, not in the sense of the current age we are living in, but in the sense that the age is current, if that makes any sense. Every other civilization called the period they lived in modern. Thinking about it that way, "postmodern" would mean after now. So we are currently in an age after the current age? I think we can agree this makes no sense.

But I'm getting distracted from the line of conversation this has taken. I just wanted to point out that odd little thing.

Describing modern times and modernism are two different things.  Modernism is a philosophical movement during the Late 19th and Early 20th Centuries.  So you are half right and half wrong there.  Postmodernism is a philosophical movement that became popular during the 1970s.
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But describing the current age as "modern" can have a subjective definition. One might think "modern" refers to the age as far back as many decades ago (for example, the 1950s to the 1980s can still be described as "modern" times), but others might see it as strictly here and now as in 2017. Or at least, the latter example give or take no more than 15 years.
I have voted to postmodernism because it is slightly different and sounds slightly interesting, but it is not my first choice, socialism has equality, Capitalism is freedom. And we are seeking to find the answer to the question:
How to make the economy, free and equal, like a kind of "social capitalism"?
The idea goes like that: everyone has an amount of money that they achieve while working and every worker(even the CEO of a company) is earning the same profit, and the same amount of money, and pay the payments to the country as high as they can afford, and the people that can't pay the payments to the country gets after the payment a payback payment and the rich need to pay twice as a normal guy... if the idea was taken by someone, it would be (theoretically) working... but we have socialism, that seek for equality, and capitalism that seek for freedom...
How about my idea, like it?
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And be the way you could add more options (technically 2): pre-modernism, and de-modernizm
From Alexander I, Emperor of the Empire of New Alexandria!
also un-modernism, anti-modernism, ante-modernism and mis-modernism
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(31 Aug 2017, 18:54:15)frix Wrote: also un-modernism, anti-modernism, ante-modernism and mis-modernism

This post itself is quite postmodern in its construction.
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In the words of  Bill Clinton
I did was not affiliated or part take in the actions of the hackers, Dreamlight Hackerz
(24 Aug 2017, 16:00:05)ThegnSiarFordell Wrote:
(24 Aug 2017, 06:56:01)Iron Lord Daniel Dankovsky Wrote: I dont beleve post-modernism must be left wing. You can be right wing but collectivist and anti-capitalist.

Well, no, you really can't. While I will agree that you don't have to be left-wing to be Post-Modern, and that a Right-Wing individual can agree with some post-modern ideas, but to be collectivist and anti-capitalist goes against everything that it means to be right-wing... I mean, without those ideals, what Right-Wing principals would you actually agree with? If you're collectivist and anti-capitalist, then you're a socialist, and there are no right-wing socialists (well... maybe in Europe)

fear the terrifying european capital-commies

...or social democrats, call them what you will
Right-wing collectivism is not uncommon.  Fascism, neo-Nazism, White supremacy, and so on, are all based on the superiority and integrity of a particular in-group vastly favored over individual rights and interests.

Edit: Also, right-wing governments do have a track record of opposing capitalism in some form. The Italian and Hungarian fascists ran the economy using a corporatist model, and various strains of Nazis resented capitalism because of the finance industry, which they saw as parasitic.
Modernism and post-modernism aren't philosophies or clusters of beliefs similar to a religion that one can either "believe" in or not. They are rather schools of perspectives on human societies and human activities. I would like to ask  some follow-up questions:
Which modernism are we talking about? In the arts? In politics? In philosophy? And the same for post-modernism? Which one(s)? And in which part of the world? There has been multiple modernisms and post-modernisms overlapping depending on time and geography.

I think it is a mistake to think of these as solid sets of beliefs or opinions, they rather represent different worldviews and the various disciplines (arts, sciences etc) are just a reflection of the general zeitgeist.
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