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Would you want to go back to society pre-Y2K?
Yes, I do. Even with considering all the good vs. bad problems of eras in the past, the bad problems in society going on today are bigger than they were in the past and gives me a very unpleasant feeling. I think I also struggle with depression/anxiety issues and that's probably a contributing factor too.

I also get the same anxious dread because of the reality that we can't even go back, no matter how hard we want to or what some supernatural determination.

People tell me that I should look elsewhere and be more optimist or happy. But what's the point of being optimistic if I know that it's very much more likely that our government's and societies current path will continue progressing in it's same direction no matter what, as if we are all doomed because of some divine or supernatural forces involved? And the "good" is smaller that it doesn't balance out or overwhelm the "bad" problems happening in our societies and countries. Especially the west. Yes, why do only the western developed countries have to be the target of the great evil powers that be?

Not even the (arguable) more real threat of nuclear war vs. the USSR/communists seems to overwhelm the similar international crisis going on today with North Korea. I'm worried that our leaders don't have the will to make decisions that are needed for it to end peacefully. That will be the worst, and the thought of everything ending soon is extremely unpleasant for me too.

I guess I'm trying to search for hope or reasons for our future, but it's becoming harder to cope with our social reality in this point of time. We are also divided. Coming from my own worldview experience, the progressive left is only going too far in it's leftist direction and a lot of it's ideological members are bordering on evil acts or terrorism. They will continue to use the opposing side's weapons against us no matter what.

I think God now hates our world and wants to destroy us. He is finished with us. The Bible even says that things will get worse in the end. It's just not fair. I have lost my religious faith in this, too. The counseling and hope it tried to give me never made sense even if individual people who did believe in my religion told me that I "shouldn't listen to some other people" in their group. But how can they disagree when there is only supposed to be one "true" doctrine or belief?
Y2K doesn't happened

/thread end
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You probably suffer from this:

The world has always been a chaotic, violent, nasty place, but that doesn't stop most people from dealing with it just fine.  Do good and drop your attachments to transient things.  Or don't.  it's your choice.

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