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I really doubt anyone actually uses Bitcoin as an actual currency due to its volatility. Most other crypto-currencies have absolutely zero value or are just scams (I have seen a lot of financial institutions advise against 'ICOs' and other misleading investment opportunities. )

Personally I wouldn't back your entire currency on cryptography, but instead, use it as a verification method.
I think the allure of Bitcoin is not in its value, but its meaning. Throughout the history of computing, it was believed that coding was free from mankind's insatiable need to claim something as "theirs." Bitcoin turned that notion on its head. Personally, I view Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies as just yet another commercialization of a once free arena of human ingenuity... just like everything else in this world.

The success of Bitcoin has strong implications with regards to the field of micronationalism. Now it is without a doubt proven that coding can be owned and maintained just as easily, and just as legally, as land or even that new coffeemaker I got for Christmas today. This means that the idea of a micronation that exists in cyberspace can no longer be categorized as a joke, just as Bitcoin can no longer be called a foolish idea.
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