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Declaration of Lingua offical, Fascist Republic of Latine.
[Image: eO0M1mx.png]

Latine Monarch,
His Highness' Royal Circle.

In a valiant attempt to revive the tragically 'dead' language known Latin, As the leader of Latine I have decided to officially announce that this will be our language. This means, if you wish to hit a spot of formality with the motherland Latine then please, speak Latin, it would be greatly appreciated. Some other news, in the next hour or so I will be releasing our national anthem that will become a symbol of our strength as a micro-nation in the United Kingdom. My goal is once you hear that piece you will be reminded of Latine and its unity with all the peoples and its acceptance of everyone, no matter race, age or sex.

An example of some Latin which I will mostly be speaking right now is this, (A translation of the first paragraph in this letter).

'Et sequebatur robustus tu tragicoteron conatus ad vivificandum 'mortuorum' notum Lingua Latina: ut dux publice Latine Ego sum placuit esse nuntiare quod nostra lingua. Ita vis ad rationem vitii mater ferire obsecro Latine, quam turpe esset valde commendatur. Quidam alii nuntium in nationalibus solemne altera hora vel sic, quod voluntas nostra releasing veluti exemplum nunc fortitudinem nostram sicut micronationis in Britannia. Mea metam est tibi pars, quae semel auditis, redituram in animos suum interpretatus Latinis & unitatis cum omnibus gentibus et acceptatio eius est quisque, non materiae genus, aetas aut sexus.'

[i]'Tread Lightly'.

[i]Yours sincerely Regem, Benjamin I.[/i]
[Image: 6MUXOU0.png]

Benjamin I,
Regem of Latine,
Latine Monarch,
Fascist Republic of Latine.

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